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    Date: Saturday July 28th, 2012 Time: 11am --> 2/3pm or however long people stay til. Location: King of Prussia IMAX Theater - 300 Goddard Blvd, King of Prussia, Pa 19460 (***Held in the "side lot" - see map) *** Meet location is 2 min from the K.O.P. mall with over 400 stores and plenty of...
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    ***Check Latest post on for the month and date chosen by the majority! *Will be in large red font!* SC Thread: SE Pa Tri-Monthly Meet (K.O.P.) - SaabCentral Forums Dates: March/April (Spring), June/July (Summer), Sept./Oct. (Fall) Location: King of Prussia, IMAX Theather - 300...
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    Hey All, long time since last posting, been more active at Saabcentral.....sorry...:( Anyways, after talking to a couple of Saab owners I have decided the Saab community does not have enough cohesion in the greater Lynchburg area, so instead of complaining about it I'll do something about it...
1-3 of 3 Results