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low beams
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  1. Car Problems? New 9-3 Only
    My 2003 9-3 has Xenon headlights. And for the third time in approximately 12 months, my Right Low Beam Failure message came on this week. It's not the bulb nor the ballast. (We tested that by swapping them with the properly working equipment on the left side.) Dealer said it was the Headlight...
  2. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    I bought a used Saab Convertible a few months ago and the headlights don't work correctly. When I pull the control stalk towards me to change from high to low, the low beams and dash lights go off. If I push the front fog light switch I can get them both to go on but not one or the other. I...
1-2 of 2 Results