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  1. Car Problems? New 9-3 Only
    I have a 2003 93. It is my wifes daily driver so I only heard it the other day when I borrowed it. It is making a knocking noise at idle mostly when cold but not limited to when it is cold. It will come and go at random. Does not speed up or change pitch when gas is applied. When driving down...
  2. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    Hello! OK - I'm going to try to make this as simple and as quick as possible. On my '00 9-3 SE HOT, I've got what sounds to be "bad timing" causing pings and pseudo-metallic chatter during decent acceleration (not flooring it, but definitely pushing the pedal more than grandma). If the timing...
1-2 of 2 Results