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  1. General 9000 Posts and Information saw it on ebay, and dam is it tempting if they make a version with a T3 flange, im sold
  2. Off-Topic Lounge
    for 8000 it hurt i lost 2000. I am buying an s2000 its final. All i need is your help 1 last time. pick and choose in between these s2000's. Yes i know grammar sucks on the ads. OR This...
  3. Aftermarket Parts and Services Review
    I have been a saab enthusiast for many years and just registered with saablink today. After navigating around the site I noticed this post from Eliteforeignauto and wanted to discourage anyone from doing business with Aaron or Steve of Eliteforeignauto due to my terrible experience. In short...
1-3 of 3 Results