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  1. Items for Sale
    Name: Colin Lang Location: Beaumont, CA (zip 92223) Means of contact: PM here, or email at [email protected] Price: 9-3 Front Koni Damper $100 + shipping Wheels $800 + shipping, OBO Downpipe $450 + shipping ETS Intercooler SOLD Forge BPV $100 shipped 9-3 Single Gauge Pod w/ Autometer Sport...
  2. Items for Sale
    Name:Wesley Swindell Location: Needmore, PA (Near Hagerstown MD) Means of contact: Phone, 3013026102, PM, Price: $100 OBO Description: Universal Intercooler kit, complete with couplers, lots of t-bolt clamps, a nice bit of piping, (all beaded) and 28x6x2.75 core. Its all new, never been...
  3. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    well here are two that should be the perfect size
  4. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    So i managed to pick up a Viggen crossflow intercooler. Ive been following Installation instructions from lol i spent one night in confusion about what they consider "latches". I did have some difficulty getting the latches to...
  5. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    It's time to move on down the list of goodies to install. What is the largest size FMIC that can fit in the stock location without removing the AC components. I am looking for 9000thomas to chime in here because ive seen a pictures of his, and it looks great, but dont know the size. What I am...
  6. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    I installed the TD04 15T today, didn't take long at all. But I can say that it really helps not having an AC condenser in the way when doing a turbo swap, that's for sure, it would have been much harder had I not removed the AC system a few weeks ago. I also decided to hack the stock...
  7. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    This was a good buy in my opinion. I bought the kit from CSXRacing (or something like that) on eBay. Everything came individually wrapped, and was packed very well. The silicone couplers are 4 ply, and seem to be pretty stout...and they stretch just enough to get over the 3" inlet/outlet of...
  8. Performance Modifications for the 9000 Should be big enough for what I am looking to do :-D It'll be here on Saturday! edit: size is - 3" CORE 31 x 12 x 3 FMIC INTERCOOLER
1-8 of 8 Results