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  1. Car Problems? Classic 900 Only
    I drive a 1994 Saab 900 4cyl turbo. Its throwing the code p0340 (camshaft position sensor). I've read a few different forums but can't seem to target the problem exactly. I've read that it could either be the sparkplugs or the DIC (direct ignition cassette) The engine idle fluctuates...
  2. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    I've just replaced the alternator, taking it out through the top. When I put everything back together the turbo gauge stopped working. Now every time the car is running the needle goes all the way into the red and stays there until the engine is off. Turbo itself is functioning properly. I've...
  3. Car Problems? Saab 9000 Only
    The car is 95 9000 aero a tcs model of course. Ever since I have had the car which was like 4000 miles so far, the idle has been harsh and uneven every now and again. Today the rough idle seemed to be more consistent in that every time you dive the pedal a small blip, the rpms drop from 900 to...
1-3 of 3 Results