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  1. General 9-5 Posts and Information
    deleted post, moved to performance thread :-)
  2. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    Blew up my turbo, Should I have it rebuilt or should I have it made into t25/t28 hybrid? Cost wise, I can get it rebuilt for $375, hybrid done to it for $450, or rebuild myself for cost of the rebuild kit $80ish. What would you do and why? Oh yeah, car is a 97 9k cse all stock for now...
  3. General Performance
    Got a few Q's aobut how to do this so I thought I would post a how to. I did this for my 2000 9-5 but thought it is helpful for other saab motor builds as well. Many thanks to all the folks on here that answered my questions and helped me get into this project. Engine is in and car is running...
1-3 of 3 Results