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  1. War Stories
    Well, I remember why I don't go to Sonic on Sundays, and why I don't street race. Last night, I had to pick my back up car (V6 Camry) from my mechanic, stopped at Sonic to see all the cars and see what people played with now a day:th_thumbsdownsmiley garbage. Mostly SRT neons, and well just...
  2. Other Pictures
    I don't really understand why this is 'cool' but I have seen a few VW's around here riding rusted hoods and shit. c'mon vortex. aireeca does this beat the picture of your favorite flatbrimmed fanbois?
  3. Off Topic
    2011 F1 drivers and teams: how the grid is shaping up for the new season Red Bull Racing-Renault 1. Sebastian Vettel (GER) 2. Mark Webber (AUS) McLaren-Mercedes 3. Lewis Hamilton (GBR) 4. Jenson Button (GBR) Ferrari 5. Fernando Alonso (ESP) 6. Felipe Massa (BRA) Mercedes Grand Prix 7...
1-3 of 3 Results