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  1. Items for Sale
    i stumbled upon this and started drooling immediatly. seems too good to be true, seeing as any miata holds its value insanely well. anyone think it's fishy? 2004 Mazda MX 5 Miata Convertible MAZDASPEED
  2. TSL Group Buys
    This is a Group Buy for Stainless steel Tubular exhaust manifolds for the C900 T16. We need at least 10 pre-paid orders to get them for $525.00. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges from Denver Colorado to wherever item is being shipped to. This offer expires on February 28th...
  3. Items for Sale
    Here's the scoop: 18x8 or 19x8 Any bolt pattern Aluminum mono bloc construction for weight and strength. Any wheel design we decide Saab center caps Weight 19-21 lbs depending on size Made in the same factory as HRE wheels 6-8 weeks for production $400 - $450 per wheel 50 sets minimum We have...
  4. Performance Modifications for the 9-5 they take paypal?
  5. General Classic 900 Posts and Information
    One of my biggest Annoyances of my car is how fast the motor is turning on the highway. I run 205/45/16 tires and at 80 mph on the gps the car is at 3500 rpm in fifth. It sucks! So I figure my two choices are to change the primary gears(if I can find a set), or swap up to a bigger tire and wheel...
  6. Customizing Your Saab 9000
    So I've been talking with fk coilovers about making me a custom set of coilovers for my 91 9000 and they said they can do it but I need 10 people to buy sets. Alrite cool that's nothing who here wants to get coilovers and be 1 of 10 people in the world with fk coilovers!?
1-6 of 6 Results