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  1. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    For those that are interested, this is how I installed an Ebay intercooler on my 1999 Stage 3+ 9-3 to fit through the stock locations. The kit is from Just Intercoolers. Core Size: 22x7x2.5 inch Overall size: 28x7x2.5 inch Inlet and outlet sizes: 2.5 inch 2.5" Polished Aluminum Piping...
  2. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    I installed the TD04 15T today, didn't take long at all. But I can say that it really helps not having an AC condenser in the way when doing a turbo swap, that's for sure, it would have been much harder had I not removed the AC system a few weeks ago. I also decided to hack the stock...
  3. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    This was a good buy in my opinion. I bought the kit from CSXRacing (or something like that) on eBay. Everything came individually wrapped, and was packed very well. The silicone couplers are 4 ply, and seem to be pretty stout...and they stretch just enough to get over the 3" inlet/outlet of...
  4. Performance Modifications for the 9000
    I was just wondering how good/bad the stock intercooler is on our 9k's. Im also interested in finding the best intercooler possible that will be a direct replacement of the stock one. Suggestions anyone?
  5. Performance Modifications for the 9000 Should be big enough for what I am looking to do :-D It'll be here on Saturday! edit: size is - 3" CORE 31 x 12 x 3 FMIC INTERCOOLER
1-5 of 5 Results