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  1. Saab News & Info
    Well after a long hiatus and a lot of personal reflection I feel its time to bring the AIRFLOW MEMORIAL BLOG back. I have been skimping on my duties as blogger due to the fact I was not quite ready to dive into the memories that surround the car that we both love so much. The reason why I have...
  2. Links
    Close to (if not over by now) 500,000 views this particular car tuning thread seems to be a great source of disbelief across the globe... .pi.
  3. Customizing Your Classic 900
    As we all know, there's no better way to clean car parts than by painting over them. This thread chronicles my quest to out clean some of the best on this site! Cleaning supplies: Cleaned engine bay: Pressure-washed block: Cleaned block... As you can see I failed to leave the oil filter...
  4. Customizing Your Saab 9000
    Having acquired my new engine for my aero I have began to clean the motor. By cleaning I mean I ordered $80 worth of polishing compounds and buffer wheels to polish the engine. Today I started on operation crowley clean. I already wish that the motor was apart to do all this polishing. I...
1-4 of 4 Results