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  1. Items for Sale
    Name: 3" custom bolton downpipe Location: Western Ma Means of contact: Pm/ or text me @413 219 9390. Dont call, text only. Price: $200 Description: custom 3 inch down pipe i purchased for my saab og9-3. Saab got parted out. I still have the downpipe left. Pictures: Working on Uploading...
  2. Performance Modifications for the New 9-3
    Ok, so I'm making a 3" downpipe for my 04' 93 and I was wondering if there was any proven way to trick the ecu into thinking there is a cat inline if I do not use one. I know there are extensions that take the second sensor out of the direct flow of the exhaust, but I also know it does not...
  3. Items for Sale
    Name: Irod Dunphil Location - additional details: Toronto, Canada Means of contact: PM Price: $250 Mileage (miles/kms): 80,000km(50,000miles) Description: SAAB 9-5 Downpipe removed from SAAB 9-5 Aero 2007 with 80,000km. Fits any 9-5 from 1999 till 2009 $250 SOLD SAAB 9-5 catback Exhaust...
  4. Wanted Items
    Looking for a used down pipe for stage 3.. let me know thanks
  5. Items for Sale
    Name: Colin Lang Location: Beaumont, CA (zip 92223) Means of contact: PM here, or email at [email protected] Price: 9-3 Front Koni Damper $100 + shipping Wheels $800 + shipping, OBO Downpipe $450 + shipping ETS Intercooler SOLD Forge BPV $100 shipped 9-3 Single Gauge Pod w/ Autometer Sport...
  6. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    Ok I'm stuuuuuuuuuuuupid but this is my first car ever and i'm learning fast as i can so bear with me ;) Lookin at these two Downpipe v1 Downpipe v2 I get that v1 doesn't have a flexpipe, and connects to the stock one while the v2 comes with one but.. 1) does the v2 come with a full 3"...
1-7 of 7 Results