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  1. Customizing your 9-5
    I got t4 / t5 wedge leds for my saab 9-5 2000 wagon. The bulbs by themselves would NOT fit inside the sockets or even want to go directly into the board. I am sure there is something I am missing out here. I wondered if these kind with a socket would do the job ...
  2. Customizing Your NG900 or old 9-3
    Hi guys, Totally new to this whole forum thing so bear with me... Anyway I am in the process of installing an aftermarket stereo system in my 2000 9-3 2.0T with standard transmission. The install is going quite well and I am just about ready to button up the panels I removed in the process etc...
  3. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for the same one Genuine Saab sells here: Unfortunately they are out of stock in the 9-3 model. I currently have a universal Metra kit but it isn't the cleanest looking install. I would love to have the...
  4. Car Problems? Classic 900 Only
    So I was running with only one dash light for the longest time, didn't bother me, just dim in there haha, and plus it lit up enough - the gas/temp/mph. So tonight, it bit me in the butt, the other one went out. So what size/bulb type do I need, and can I simply replace them? Since they...
  5. Customizing your 9-5 for good L.E.D replacements
1-5 of 6 Results