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  1. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    Hey, everybody (ala Dr. Nick)! OK - this isn't about my '00 9-3 SE, but my 18 y-o cousin's '99 9-3 base. We are gung-ho to iron this out before this weekend, when he'll be wheeling around his prom date in the beast... his engine is slow to start (has to crank it over a few times), and once it...
  2. Car Problems? 9-5 Only
    How to retrieve fault codes: If you wish to view the fault codes your ACC unit has stored, simply hold down the AUTO and OFF buttons on the ACC control panel. The display will then display a single digit number on the left, and a double digit on the right. i.e 1 ____ 21 This would signify 1...
1-2 of 2 Results