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  1. Items for Sale
    Name: Noah Goffena Location: Billings, MT Means of contact: email: [email protected] Price: see below Description: I am cleaning out my storage room. All of these are items that I purchased for my '02 95 Aero. I also have a few small random and/or hard to find parts that i will throw in...
  2. Car Problems? New 9-3 Only
    Hi, The brakes on my car are not working properly and the issue has seemed to have stumped my mechanic. The near side front brake and rear offside brakes runs hot. Te offside front an near side rear run cool. After a run I can touch my skin to the 'cool' brakes (discs) and not be burnt. If I...
  3. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    Looking for so insight. I have a 2000 9-3 se, I replace my rotors and pads front and rear. I pushed the caliper pistons back to slide the pads in. now my pedal feel like crap. so i bled all the calipers and the same amount of air came out of each one. atleast it looked that way. the pedal still...
  4. Performance Modifications for the Classic 900
    In a quest to pass NY insection, I noticed that I need to replace my brakes. Instead of getting OEM replacements, I wanted to upgrade. After searching, I can not find upgraded brakes. I was looking to purchase cross drilled rotors. I was looking at Brembo but they do not make anything for...
  5. General NG900 / Old 9-3 Posts and Information
    Does anyone have these and do they rust up ??? I'm thinking about picking some up but want some additional feedback. Feel free to post pics.
1-5 of 5 Results