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  1. TSL Member's Saab pics
    Mods so far 1. Glowshift 7 Color Boost/Vacuum Gauge 2. Genuine Saab Sport Filter with Intake pipe mod (Shortened the pipe to a few inches off the intake box) 3. Lucas ATF Trans Fluid 4. Fog lights(Other ones had shattered due to rocks from the highway) Plans for new mods Rims Brakes Turbo...
  2. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    So when Vigge made a thread back in 08' about his new snail, I got sucked into the movement and have been following it since then. Just figured it was time to make my own thread with all of the info on my own setup rather than stuff it all into Vigge's. More so it can be documented for others...
1-2 of 2 Results