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  1. Off-Topic Lounge
    I've been contemplating the future of TSL over the past two years that I've been sent out to wander the desert. And I'm proud to say, someone unbanned me. It probably wasn't Aierricaaga or how ever you spell her name. In the past two years: - I've sold my 9-3, bought a Mini Cooper S (modified...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Was screwin around on the net doing some searches on STI swaps on a 9-2x and stumbled across this website. What's up! My name's Rich. I hail from Golden Valley, MN. Just outside the twin cities. I've got a murdered out 9-2x Linear with Volks (11lbs!!) wheels and big ol rally flaps...
  3. Off-Topic Lounge
    So, I get set up with this girl (via a girl I went to grad school with). I suggest a small intimate bar/restaurant. I beat the girl there. Walk in...the first person I see in this tiny a girl I used to date...who is on a date. Awesome. Seriously? Good thing I had a couple...
  4. Off-Topic Lounge
    inspired by the video on this thread: i was wondering what car people would rather own. give a choice and your reason. similar price, similar performance, both are drool-worthy. 911 = purist choice, true sports car, reliable and made...
  5. Off-Topic Lounge
    Some people should just back away from the Internet. This is a public apology to anyone who has been subjected to one of my photoshops. I am sorry that you can sling crap with the best of them, but then can't stand the heat when it is directed or focused on you. I don't complain when you...
  6. Off-Topic Lounge
    I am willing to let you guys help design as well, so feel free to post them here. Here is my limited first edition vinyl. Just gauging interest.
  7. Off-Topic Lounge
    From for sale post: Not a single one is in "good" condition. Unless I have a entirely different definition of "good." Every single one needs refinished. Every single one. If there isn't ridiculous scuffs and scars then the clear coat is peeling. :rolleyes:
  8. Off-Topic Lounge
    Spotted this in the Carlise thread.
1-8 of 8 Results