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  1. Off-Topic Lounge
    And liked it. Impressions: Good: -Fantastic handling for a large FWD car. You can actually out drive the brakes. It really drives like a smaller car. The turn-in is fantastic. I think it's much more confident than the TL on the highway. -Good steering feel -Smooth ride with well controlled...
  2. Saab Related Media
    found this on youtube i would have thought the vig would do better from a 3rd gear pull but i guess not
  3. General 9000 Posts and Information
    a 2004 grandprix gtp automagic, non gcomp, stock vs 1995 9000 fpt cs automagic, stock, from a 45 mph roll. what are your thoughts on who would win? grand prix does 6.5 0-60 and 15 sec 1/4 mi. i think from a roll the saab may be able to hang with it or beat it.
  4. Off-Topic Lounge
    inspired by the video on this thread: i was wondering what car people would rather own. give a choice and your reason. similar price, similar performance, both are drool-worthy. 911 = purist choice, true sports car, reliable and made...
  5. War Stories
    my buddy just got a contour, V6, 24V, think i can pull on him wiht my 9k cs? i think id walk him from a roll, mostlikely from a dig too. he also think he would crush me with a svt contour(his cousins), i owuldnt race this, but i think id have a chance against this. lets hear some opinions o...
1-5 of 5 Results