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  1. Customizing Your Saab 9000
    Hello Saab Family !, The Saab 9000 CS 1995 Provides 2 Speakers Slots with an additional Tweeter slot in the front.Same goes for the back of the vehicle what is the size of the tweeter ?? where can i order another one that has good quality !!??? - THANKS NEW SAAB MEMBER !
  2. General Classic 900 Posts and Information
    Hello! After doing a lot of research of the Saab Clarion US-head units and accessories i decided to create a webpage for everybody to see. The different models are shown, schematics, videos when running and soon also manuals and brochures. (i would still appreciate help with making pdfs with...
  3. Car Problems? 9-5 Only
    2002 9-5 Linear with 135k Without warning or symptoms the complete audio system is dead seemingly without power. It does not respond to the on/off switch or come on automatically when a CD is inserted (or attempted). Following the chart on the fuse compartment cover the radio/CD fuses are #s...
  4. Items for Sale
    For sale is some audio equipment that I bought from a friend in which i realized i won't use anymore( i only have existing pics of where i mounted it on a unused deck i had, it only shows the two MTX audio 12 " and a small amp.) Firstly Jensen 600W Amp. missing the screws to tighten and hold...
1-4 of 4 Results