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  1. Wanted Items
    Im looking a spg aerokit for my 1993 900 convertible. Ohio USA.
  2. Items for Sale
    Interesting trades considered. Airflow kit off a 90 900, fits 88 and up or change your headlights and grill over and use on 79-87 also. Look closely at pics to see condition, there are plenty of dings/cracks...definently easily fixable and usable. Will include brackets, screws etc. Oh and...
  3. Saab News & Info
    Well after a long hiatus and a lot of personal reflection I feel its time to bring the AIRFLOW MEMORIAL BLOG back. I have been skimping on my duties as blogger due to the fact I was not quite ready to dive into the memories that surround the car that we both love so much. The reason why I have...
1-3 of 3 Results