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  1. Car Problems? 9-5 Only
    Hi all been trolling through a few forums and not found anything that helps the issue i have in the slightest. i have a 2006 95 1.9tid which I've recently put a new turbo, intercooler and replaced the head gasket on it and now (after checking everything multiple times) have not throttle input...
  2. General 9-5 Posts and Information
    2006 saab 95 2.3t i have replaced the direct ignition twice in the past month. the spark plugs. cleaned the fuel air filter. cleaned the mass air flow censor. the car still misfires. usually only cylinder 4. it only happens when i try and take off quick, or when im cruising at 70...
  3. Items for Sale
    Name: David Chung Location: Lambertville, NJ Means of contact: (609) 333-6980 Priced to Sell! Now reduced from: $9990 to: $8900 Description: Auto/Manual dual transmission, fun to drive, new set of Michelin tires, silver metallic paint, alloy wheels, new Power Stop premium brakes and...
1-3 of 3 Results