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General Information

9-3 SE Convertible
Black Exterior/Beige Interior/Black Top
This is my first SAAB ever. I ended up with this car after a year of trying to find a beater to learn stick on and finally giving up on beaters and went for a 5 speed that needed some TLC.

I started looking at high milage Bimmers and Volvo's. After always coming up short either by poor condition or being sold by the time I even came around to look I broadened my search to SAAB.

I looked at a few hatchbacks and passed them up after deciding if I'm gonna learn stick im going to do it in the summer and if I'm gonna learn in summer I'm gonna want a convertible.

So I came across this one after it caught my eye on craigslist. I saw it at first on a rainy day and wasn't feeling confident. It looked a little rough for the asking price and didn't feel like taking on a project. So I passed.

Having felt like I hit the bottom of my search I gave up. Stopped researching all together and just assumed I'll get a spare car later. But having been a car freak for too long it only took 2 weeks to start searching again. So, having re-checked craigslist I found the selling price was lowered and called back for another test drive.

I gave the seller the old "oh it needs this and that" schpeel and made an offer. The next day I had keys in hand.

So lets see what it needed...cus I couldn't refuse a project.

hood piston (a 2x4 was its previous owners tool)
factory radio
dash speakers
door subs
rear speakers
In dash cup holder
leather shift knob
hood emblem
radio antenna

coil pack
turbo controller

misc caps/bolts/pins

To do:
Nice crack in windshield (Thanks 95)
Front seat leather (Poor maintence = rips/cracks)
Small ding in rear qtr panel (bout the size of a 50c piece)
Trunk SAAB emblem (power washing not a good idea)

Anything else?

Oh recent polish with DA really brought back the deep black in the paint. Not bad for a 12 year old from Sweeden.
2013 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible (Black Exterior/Beige Interior/Black Top)



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