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900 SE
Monte Carlo Yellow
Only 299 of these were made and sent only one per dealer in the US. About half were manual. This one was from a dealer in Washington, Illinois originally. I found it on a local classifieds ad in Utah (about 15 minutes from home), listed only as a 1991 Saab 900SE. No pics or anything. Only said it needed a top, battery and thermostat. I doubted it was a real SE, but when I requested pics, they came back as a true Monte Carlo Yellow! I couldn't believe my luck. When I went to see it, it was in rough shape - interior trashed and covered in dust, all leather and rubber shrunken and split, dash almost unrecognizable, top ripped to shreds and inoperable, exterior oxidized to almost white, lights all broken, and SPG panels faded. But the engine, turbo, transmission, steering, clutch, and brakes were all excellent! The owner said that all he knew about it was that it was a Saab and he wanted it out of his driveway. I made a super low offer and he took it.
1991 Saab 900 SE (Monte Carlo Yellow)



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