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Saab Link Site Issue Forum Post any questions, concerns, and issues you are having with the site that need to be resolved. is the premier Saab Forum on the internet. Registered Users do not see the above ads.
Announcements in Forum : Saab Link Site Issue Forum
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TSL Forum Rules

Here are the forum rules. These consist mainly of ideas that have been understood and enforced since the conception of The Saab Link. As we grow it is important that these rules be available for all to read and understand. Of course as time progresses, additional rules may be added as needed.

With this list we strive to continue to make TSL an enjoyable forum for all, while providing important information to Saab owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

Our members make TSL what it is, and we thank you all.

~TSL Staff

General Forum Rules:
  • Be respectful. Don't come down on another member whether they are new or have been here since the beginning. You are not always right, nor does your post count, member status or join date give you the right to be rude to others.
  • Remember your audience. It's not just another college buddy reading these forums. You could be communicating with somebody old enough to be your parent, or young enough to be your little sister or brother.
  • Stay on topic. If you must take it off topic, make it about something equally useful. Bickering or arguing is not useful.
  • Limit unnecessary material. It's okay to make random threads in the Off Topic. That's why its there, but have a meaningful topic. A three page thread with random pictures, or about how someone should clear out their inbox, or a thread dedicated to arguing about a problem is ridiculous.
  • Keep chat in FlashChat. That's why it is there. We don't need a 3 page thread on what you talked about the night before.
  • Use the Search feature. Believe it or not a post may already cover this.
  • Even Mods make mistakes. We're here to keep the peace, and keep this board a fun place for everyone. Sometimes we make mistakes, but usually if there's action taken.. its justified.
  • Have fun. This is your forum too, but it is a Saab forum. If you want to spend the money, you can start your own forum called or
  • Threats Threats on this forum WILL NOT be tolerated, and could be considered criminal intent. Action will include immediate banning, and possibly contacting the authorities local to your area.

  • Be Respectful Respect other members at all times... We are a family.
  • No Torrents Links to or public discussions regarding torrents, or any other similar material will not be tolerated.

Buying and Selling Forum:

To Sell / List Item(s):

Include the description of the item(s) you want to sell. Keep in mind the more descriptive the better. Pictures speak a thousand words, so post pictures of the item(s) you want to sell.

To Post interest in an Item:

Read first!! If you have questions that have not been answered in the description, feel free to ask publicly since others may be interested as well. To finalize a sell, contact the seller directly.
  • DO NOT HIJACK A CLASSIFIED IF YOU THINK THE PRICE IS INCORRECT. This can be considered very disrespectful. Contact the seller directly if you feel there has been a pricing mistake.
  • DO NOT HIJACK A CLASSIFIED TO SALE YOUR OWN ITEM. This is also disrespectful. If you have an item you want to sell, make a separate post.

Signature Rules:

  • Max image width: 480px
  • Max image height: 70px
  • Max # of images: 4
  • All combined images may not exceed 480x70.
  • No image (including GIFs) may exceed 50000 bytes in size.

  • Software Controlled

Post Reporting:

The moderators can't be in every thread all the time. If you feel there is post that requires moderation, click the icon to the left of the post, under the member's name to have the post reported. The post information will be forwarded to the admins for review.

Infraction / Warning System:

Breaking of these posted rules will result in either a warning, or infraction depending on posting history and the offense. For each infraction a point is given. Some infractions have a expiration date, while others do not. The shortest infraction expiration is 180 days. Each infraction will be periodically reviewed. Upon the three (3) infractions, the member will automatically be banned.

There are no points given for warnings, but a log is kept.

For any questions, feel free to contact any one of the admins.
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