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tanner55 02-23-2004 09:40 AM

Installing TDO4 on 9-3s
Ok i am going to order a tdo4 turbo for my 9-3 and i wasnt sure if the stock turbo inlet pipe will fit on the new turbo? If anyone knows please let me know cause i would really like to order it. Also does anyone know were i can get the oil and coolant lines for a tdo4 turbo? Thanks :wink:

tanner55 02-23-2004 04:56 PM

no one knows anything about this ?>

BurnsSide42 02-23-2004 05:02 PM

give some ppl time to see your post man - calm down. Some ppl have day jobs, other nights. Someone will see it - no need to bump it yet.

SaabTuner 02-23-2004 05:50 PM

Huh ... pretty sure you could get everything you need from a reputable Saab repair site, or a dealer as the TD04 is standard fitment on the Viggen, Euro Aero, and US SE 205 hp 9-3s ... all the parts should cross over I would think. But I don't know anyone that's done that specific upgrade personally.


tanner55 02-23-2004 06:08 PM

thanx saabtuner........yeah i was thinking about calling the dealer on the water and oil lines but they will proably charge alot ... I still am not sure if the 185hp inlet pipe i have will fit the tdo4. any help and ideas is greatly appreciated

WS 02-23-2004 07:01 PM

i know ERP got a td04 on his 900. it bolts right up supposedly. I think he got his from a junk yard and it came with all the oil lines and everything. im not positive though

SaabTuner 02-23-2004 07:06 PM

There's ERP's site ... should be helpful.


marky 02-24-2004 04:26 PM

if you have a 2001 or later 9-3 the inlet pipe should bolt right on, if your car is older then youll need to make your own design or buy the inlet pipe

DC_SAAB 03-12-2004 11:58 AM

I believe Eric used a larger inlet pipe to the turbo... like I am doing now on my 97 ng900set. I found mine off of a 99 Viggen and the inlet on the Mitubisi td04/t25-28 is a different size or larger as compared to my td03/t25...

The 99 Viggen td04 or hybrid type generally has a round exhaust inlet thats the same as the t25 inlet, but larger intake port (ie t28 side) from the intake side.

Of course you might have the same size, having a later model car than I, but with a t25 it makes sense that the td04 would be larger.

hope I haven't confused the issue... :oops: :lol:

DC_SAAB 03-12-2004 12:00 PM

I bought my oil and coolant lines from, and my wastegate actuator from SAAB.

The oil lines were slightly larger than my t25's.

good luck

tanner55 03-12-2004 08:13 PM

dc saab how much did you pay for your oil and coolant lines?

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