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Viggen Kid 07-04-2004 08:04 PM

For All the Stage One ECU Guys.....
was the stage one worth the money$$$ also how much was it?

xaamottomaax 07-05-2004 05:40 AM

Stage 1 is good but you really need to do something about the exhaust to get the true benefits. Also running stage 1 software through stock hardware is going to strain things pretty badly.

Viggen Kid 07-05-2004 12:30 PM

alrighty fuck that, i'll just crank up the PSI with a MBC and get an exhaust

ricot83 07-05-2004 06:32 PM

not ot be a dick or anything, but that is not the same as getting a tuned ecu, the ecu raises your boost, changes your timing map and your fuel map..... just raidsing the boost will give u an incorrect fuel map and u risk doing lots of harm to your motor, i have my boost up and it still doesnt feel that much quicker, because i dont have the fuel and timing maps to go with the boost up, when i have money kickin around i will get the ecu asap

saabkid37 07-05-2004 08:06 PM

yeah i agree...i got a mbc on my 9k a couple days ago and turned it up to a nice 20ish psi. its akick in the ass but it can only hold for a few seconds because of the lack of fuel..wherad when i get my ecu chipped (no not a new one just dofferent boost and fuel chips to remap it) since its kinda cheaper i should hold that easily

Clint 07-07-2004 02:54 PM

where do you get just the chips?

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