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Topic Review (Newest First)
08-02-2010 03:56 PM
Tweek's Turbos Yeah it needs a no assembly line food option.
07-29-2010 07:10 PM
agnlxx Itís been a crazy week back to work for me and I am just now getting a chance to share my thoughts on this yearís SOC.

I thought this yearís SOC was one of if not the best I have attended. I never seem to get to do all of the things that I would like to do at these, like see all of the cars I want to see, or attend all of the seminars I would like, or even get to spend time with everyone that I would like to. But, overall, I always thoroughly enjoy them. Moonracer said it right, that these things are like a family reunion. I too see people (and my favorite Saabs) at SOCs that I only see once a year, and itís hard between everything else there is to do, to get to spend the time you would like with everyone. Sure certain things will be better some years than at others. I agree, the parts tent this year was not the best I had been to, but I can assure you I had no problem buying plenty of things and spending lots of money doing it. It was mentioned having a hatch stuffing contest at some point but I will say, the Louisville KY crew would have won hands down. Somewhere there are pictures of the cars loaded with parts from the tent and auction we attended where we all bought more things! Three classic 900s really do come in handy!

Anyway, I know that this gets expensive, and with me being unemployed for the second half of last year, I know what it is like to pinch pennies. I will say though, that this is something that I plan on saving my money for every year to make sure I can go. For me, itís more than the stuff to do, or the parts for sale, or the venue, but I get to see my friends I never see and only chat with on Facebook, and I also get a chance to make new friends, which this year was no exception.

Lastly, the speakers, Friday night with Curvin and Willy, and then Saturday night with Victor and Jan Ake, were THE BEST speeches I think I have ever heard at an SOC. I mean, what an AWFUL year it had been! Saab was on the brink of being gone forever, and here we are, sitting at this yearís banquet, listening to the guy that bought Saab. I donít know about anyone else, but I get chills thinking about it even as I type this.

I had an awesome time. I didnít even race, but had a blast at the track day, and I loved seeing everyone!
07-27-2010 09:45 AM
gm correct, most are not drivers otherwise there would be 300 cars at the drivers school & it would be a multiple day even &/or saab drivers schools held throughout the year. If there were 100 cars at the track, that could get the cost down to under $100 for a day!!

Like moonracer states above, it's kinda a family reunion so paying up for the cruise style food (never been on a cruise & I would hope they wouldn't provide box lunches) & nice facilities is all part of the game.

I do enjoy the events & I hate I had to miss this years.
07-27-2010 07:29 AM
Moonracer Another point alot of you are forgetting is, that for alot of us who have ponied up the money over the years it's like a family reunion. there are folks I talk with once a year at SOC. My days go very fast, getting the car wiped down (not detailing) walking the swap area, every person you stop to talk to is at least 20 min eat up. My Saturday afternoon is always taken up with car judging, and before you know it it's sunday noon and time to leave. Helping out at a SOC makes things different too. Getting involved is what makes them alot more fun.
07-27-2010 07:26 AM
Topless89 If you are talking carnival they could really have a popcorn and cotton candy machine, since rental and purchase of those are really inexpensive as is production and they could make a killing off of the guests.
I agree with having a saab guru do question and answers. That can be done very inexpensive as well. whip out a folding chair, a table and a sign up sheet to track popularity. Just give the guy some popcorn and he will probably be happy.
07-27-2010 07:17 AM
aireeca Good counterpoints, Gm. However, not all Saab owners are drivers so you're skewed in a different direction. I'm thinking more of a carnival atmosphere - li'l bit of this, li'l bit of that. Also, in talking with someone at SOC, SCNA appears to not play well with local SCCAs. Don't know how accurate that is, though.
07-27-2010 07:02 AM
gm the problem with a driving team be it 1 person or 20 is it will not be cheap no matter how many there are. Paying them to ship 1 car or 20 to where it would be held will not be cheap. Also where to hold it, there is no way a hotel's parking lot would allow a car to drive around on 2 wheels or do 360's around light poles. Needs to be done at a racetrack at 5-10K a day to rent the track. Then it's getting people to watch the driving stuff & not taking away from the people's tracktime who paid to drive.

watching someone clean a car is like watching paint dry...... about as static as you can get!

Portraits would be cool..... but again it goes down to money. People not paying for a day pass wouldn't spend $200 on a portrait, or even $100 for one. Takes a lot of time for those & also a lot of sitting for those wanting the portrait.... static

I would like to see the event held at a roadcoarse where those of us not into the show/shine stuff could beat on our cars & still look at all the other stuff when not on the track. Active vs static.... but spending $10-20K to rent a track out for 2 days won't happen.
07-27-2010 06:46 AM
aireeca Good points, Powar. I guess my beef is this: even when I did a full registration in 2007, most of the value came from the banquets. SOC is a heavy sitting event - seminars, eating, presentations. Very, uh, passive, which is not a word i'd use to describe the Saab community at large. It feels like a company retreat, and not the cool ones with rafting and ropes courses and whatnot.

Is SOC inherently bad? No. It's geared toward a different crowd and maybe that's for the best. But, think about this - who is going to take over in five years? Ten years? The pool of active, interested youngr folk is slimmer than the old skinny dudes. I'd say without some injection of fresh blood and ideas, it will continue to stagnate. And, yeah, all new ideas don't always work. Last year's auction was a. Good idea in a bad, bad economy. But it was kind of neat to watch.
07-27-2010 06:35 AM
Originally Posted by GA View Post
It was actually a great convention. Victor and JAJ were awesome, and the presentation on Friday night, which started really slow, finished with a bang.
I agree 100%. The track day was phenomenal. The dinner presentations were the best I've seen. I enjoyed it, and I don't think the price of admission was too much to ask for what we got. For me, it was one of the situations where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts, much like some of these old cars that we like so much. For those of you who didn't attend or didn't attend as full registrants, it seems to me as if you're missing that point in all of your responses. I'm not looking to join a debate... I just wanted to say that I thought it was a good one and that just like every year since I've been on the forums, the minority who express negativity are the ones that are making themselves heard.
07-27-2010 06:30 AM
aireeca I'm not saying bring the entire driver team, just one of the guys to DEMONSTRATE some of the tricks of their trade. Why? It's active rather than static.

And, here's another candle to light rather than curse the darkness. Import Christian, our residential detailing guru, sell raffle tickets to win an onsite-detail from him and then set him up in a corner of the parking lot where people can watch him ply his trade on the winning car.

Also, why not import someone like jk88 and offer car and owner portraits? Again. Active, not static.
07-27-2010 06:21 AM
gm I do agree, they price these events to high scaring many people away. If they charged people $5-10 for a day pass they are worried more people would go that route vs the full package & SCNA would then loose their arse due to not getting the numbers they need.

There isn't much to do & for me the only thing I enjoy is the drivers school part but who knows how long that would last especially if they didn't turn a profit or at least brake even on this track day.

The dyno stuff use to be neat but it's been done so many times & the cost is enough that people stopped doing in. For my old SPG to get 2nd place overall in Michigan is sad..... considering it only had 275 whp in it's detuned/poorly running state. Years prior that wouldn't of been top 10!

Do you really think paying lots of money for a performance driving team would work? Look how tight many are not even paying for a day pass to support the club but still being there & it would cost a lot for a driving team.

Unfortunantly it's all done by volunteers so it's going to be very difficult to stop people coming to these event's w/o giving a penny to SOC. Not paying for a day pass..... not paying for dinners & still sneaking in to eat. Somehow that needs to be stopped otherwise these events will not exist

I need to buy a Lotus so I can see how their LOG's work
07-27-2010 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by GA View Post
It was actually a great convention. Victor and JAJ were awesome, and the presentation on Friday night, which started really slow, finished with a bang.
Yep. I'd agree with that. It sounded like the sit on-your-ass portions of it were fantastic.

Beyond the 9-5 test drives and the track event, however, what was there? I mean, every convention can't (and won't from now on) include a trip to the GM Heritage Collection warehouse or majestic views from the top of a Rocky Mountain, but, c'mon, even something like the car auction last year, as ridiculous as the asking prices were, was entertaining and not listening to people yap. (Mostly because no one was really bidding but anywho....)

It's kind of a flat-line event without much anything new in the way of just trying it to see if it would work aside, of course, from the new day pass order.

How about rides in that guy's Spyker with him driving and proceeds going to a local charity?

How about a stuff your hatch contest to see who can fit the most junk in their trunk?

How about a dyno?

How about getting one of the performance team drivers over to show us some tricks of the trade?

How about a stupid question booth manned by a sage, seasoned pro?

Tweed jacket contest?

Oh, I know, how about "Cannonball Run" or "Cars" projected against a wall at the event...oh wait.

Then again, it's hard to force a dance party/reflect diversity when it just isn't there.

I dunno. They'll figure it out. SCNA and the bloggers, they got this.
07-26-2010 08:54 PM
GA It was actually a great convention. Victor and JAJ were awesome, and the presentation on Friday night, which started really slow, finished with a bang.
07-26-2010 07:24 PM
Castor Troy sounds like a complete clusterfuck. i'm sorry i missed it*
07-26-2010 07:09 PM
aireeca Also, I kinda like getting out to see the lay of the land. Too bad y'all missed a trip to here....I nearly burst a blood vessel when my friend from Cleveland showed me this Friday night.

Oh. Ohio.
07-26-2010 06:52 PM
aireeca There were cook-outs at Devens, one hosted by NESA and funded the Crisman scholarship and another hosted impromptu by Mike Saunders, grillmaster extraordinaire.

They were reasonably priced and gave us daypassers/steerage passengers a nice, non-off site eating option.

Listen, I've got nothing against people who like to have everything planned out for them. Cruise ships have made money hand over fist that way for years. But, 30 years ago, cruises were bingo and bridge tournaments. Not so much anymore.

Is it too much to ask that SCNA realize that some Saab enthusiasts do not like prom food and paying to sit in seminars? Change is hard, change is icky-bad. I hate it. However, without it, you never get anywhere.

Meh. Enough spouting off on that here. It was OK. Not sure I'd make the effort to go to another one, though.
07-26-2010 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by aireeca View Post
But, yeah, something needs to be done, maybe three tiers - "Whole shebang," "Fair-to-middlin'" and "Bare Bones." Or something.
07-26-2010 06:35 PM
Topless89 If they made the overall basic entry fee small, say $5 or $10 with access to all events that could work and would get more people to go. Then say if people want the food package offer cheap food like burgers and dogs or sandwiches and only tack on another $ 5- 10 per person...or something like that. I for one would be okay to pay for a pass to the even that was $10 for the duration and if there was an inexpensive food option I would take that over driving around to find something to eat.
07-26-2010 06:34 PM
aireeca Ouch. I heard about your having to eat in the hallway and that sucks.

I guess there's always going to be someone who outsmarts the system or at least tries. We actually found a good deli down the road that served MASSIVE sandwiches. I swear there was about a half pound of salami on mine. And we found this place in Akron. They are for real. Best hamburgers in Akron. No joke.

But, yeah, something needs to be done, maybe three tiers - "Whole shebang," "Fair-to-middlin'" and "Bare Bones." Or something.
07-26-2010 06:25 PM
Moonracer I got to witness first hand why day passes are so looked down apon this weekend. I had the pleasure of helping my daughter take lunch tickets Saturday and helped with the registration table. First thing I will say is the folks who want them the worst are the ones who are ruining it for others. I fisrt hand caught people trying to get lunches with copied friday (and Saturday) ticket. They wern't even smart enough to copy a name badge but had blue wrist bands on. I had a couple of young guys get all up in my face because they couldn't buy tickets to the meal, said they drove 5 hours for nothing. They were the fools for not reading. The best one was a hand written note from Victor Muller to let a couple of kids in. I still have no idea how maney snuck in to the meal. My daughters were trying their hardest to conquer the hoard at the door and my wife and I who sponsered the event twice had to eat in the hall way for the evening dinner because of folks who got their late and HAD to sit at a table.

I agree something needs to be done to lower the prices and in my opinion any more eliminate day passes. Any more no name badge no entry period.
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