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Topic Review (Newest First)
05-22-2005 12:18 PM
mike saunders Mwwwwahhh....You're actually both right.

The tape was first made from cotton duck (similar to canvas, but more flexible) but was then used extensively in the HVAC industry to tape gaps in ducts. Some smart marketer trademarked the name Duck Tape and started the cycle all over again....
05-22-2005 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by PureNordicPower
Damn, but since only one brand is called that, I'm more right, right?
while i use duct tape to tape up ducks therefore it is now duck tape
05-18-2005 08:21 PM
PureNordicPower Damn, but since only one brand is called that, I'm more right, right?
05-18-2005 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by turbokick
Originally Posted by PureNordicPower
Turbo about your sig im liek 94.4% sure its spelled duct tape.
There's a brand of duct tape called Duck Tape, so neither of you is right.

As for gasoline additives in general, I wouldn't waste my time, especially if it's from a chainstore like Advance. They market this shit to ricer morons who have no idea what they're doing and as others have said you really won't get anything out of 'em. At worst you'll stir up shit in your tank and kill your injectors.
05-18-2005 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by PureNordicPower
Turbo about your sig im liek 94.4% sure its spelled duct tape.
05-18-2005 08:52 AM
mike saunders
Originally Posted by turbokick
it wont do any thing for a N/A car. dont waste your money. on a turbo it will allow higher boost/more compression but on your n/a car the compression doesn't vary
In most engines, compression doesn't change, boost pressure does. This squeezes more air into the cylinders, where it's compressed. (Saab engineered a variable compression head that had a high compression when off boost -- zero lag -- and a lower compression when on boost -- safer, higher boost pressure -- but that was shelved when GM took over)

From europeancar:

So what is octane? Without getting into chemistry, molecular bonding and hydrocarbon chains, octane is simply a measure of fuel-detonation resistance. The higher the number, the less prone the fuel is to detonation.

Detonation is the un-uniform ignition of the air/fuel charge in the combustion chamber. Normally, the combustion flame front originates from the spark center. When detonation occurs, the charge is lit at not only the spark center, but also from hot spots caused by build up from carbon deposits within the combustion chamber. This causes an uneven flame front, resulting in a sudden rise in combustion pressures, which can damage a piston on the power stroke.

A more catastrophic scenario, called pre-ignition, occurs when the charge unintentionally lights off without a spark. This usually means the event occurs toward the end of the compression stroke when charge temperatures and pressures are still rising. With pre-ignition, the sudden change in charger pressure from premature ignition as the piston is still moving up is equivalent to taking a hammer and beating it on top of your pistons. The sound is very similar, just like a ping.

Many tuners use toluene as a home-style octane booster. Toluene, an aromatic circular hydrocarbon chain, is a regular component of pump gas and is available in various grades at chemical supply stores. Premium street gasoline carries roughly 3- to 5% toluene, which partially helps octane characteristics. Unocal's 100-octane race gas has almost 25% toluene.
But....use too much, and they will decrease power and screw up your engine. Use them for too long, and you'll have problems with eroding seals and other nastiness...
05-17-2005 07:39 PM
PureNordicPower Turbo about your sig im liek 94.4% sure its spelled duct tape.
05-17-2005 03:33 PM
turbokick it wont do any thing for a N/A car. dont waste your money. on a turbo it will allow higher boost/more compression but on your n/a car the compression doesn't vary
05-17-2005 03:18 PM
mike saunders You can definitely increase performance with an octane booster, although you'd need to know how to increase timing, or find more aggressive cams to use with it. It wouldn't affect your catalytic converter as long as you used the right proportions to keep your octane levels within reason, say 94-96.

Leave the off-the-shelf stuff on the shelf. You can buy toluene for relatively short money and if you know what you're doing, you've got power...
05-17-2005 12:58 PM
stevehayes01 Look up the Hot Rod magazine tests for Octane boosters on their motor and you will see that with 87 octane and 104+ booster they made more power than without the booster on 36 degrees timing (on a V- . I can attest that I have seen a car on the dyno that was turbocharged running 89 octane that had the NOS offroad formula added to it and saw a 13HP top end gain on HP. THe NOS brand will run you like 10 bucks so save the money and add it to buying premium gas instead. But if you want to run one thats cool as long as you dont expect miracle results from it you wont get disappointed and you will get a cleaner fuel system since most of them add cleaner additives to the mix.
05-17-2005 12:53 PM
danthegolfer thx for the help tho, i figured it wouldnt really do much and thats why i asked...
05-17-2005 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by Logan Leslie
I cannot see how spending 5$ for a thing of octane booster for a tank of gas can be cheaper then spending an extra 10 cents a gallon on gas....
the bottles are like $1.37 or seomthign like that......
05-17-2005 12:47 PM
Tweek's Turbos Actually LL the higher the Octane the cooler the burn. Thats why it works so well with our hot compressed airstreams.

Also too much octane in combustion will decrease performance, since the gasses don't expand as much as they should.

The motronic system wouldn't be able to compensate timing for the higher octane. The only thing I could thing of, is manually adjusting your timing but you will probably need high octane all of the time, and could really mess up your engine.
05-17-2005 12:37 PM
PaulH the only octane booster that i know of that actually truly works is Torco Accelerator. Advance doesnt have it ( ) but you can get it online...for like $15 a can. and a can does a tank of gas more or less.

all the ones that are at advance and the like raise your octane by 2-3 *points* now thats not like from 93 octane up to 95 octane like youd think... thats from 93 octane up to a whopping 93.2 octane .

theyre a joke, and your car wont even benefit from more octane, save your gas money for a turbo

05-16-2005 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by PureNordicPower
Basically he gets paid to be you


laughing with you dan... with you....

i dunno i think Dan might be here asking all these questions to keep us on our toes..... right dan?
05-16-2005 08:49 PM
PureNordicPower Ehhh sounds a little sketchy. Not to say you and your friend are lying but are you sure the difference wasn't all in his head? Whenever I buy things always pretend they are good.
05-16-2005 08:42 PM
kwkslvr Had a friend that tried the octane booster as a joke...he even went as far as getting the brand from "NOS" was in good fun...but what do you know...we noticed some difference...very , very slim but some... He used it to recieve the high octane burn every now and then...cleans out the system. I mean, higher octane isnt bad. All I run is premium. So, hey, try it if you want, this test was done on a turbo saab so, you might not get ANY increase whatsoever since youre NA sorry, had to throw th at in there. I wouldnt suggest it as an alternative to buying prem. gas though...thats a lil outrageous. Good luck.
05-16-2005 08:00 PM
Logan Leslie Yeah maybe Purenordic is right... have you considered advance as a job opportunity?
05-16-2005 07:55 PM
danthegolfer lol sweet, u guys should start payin me, really i could make good recomendations like getting that sweet 10 dollar bolt on tip from advance it makes a 25 horsepower difference not to mention the sound! gosh! h and dont forget the sweet led windshieler washer fluidnshooter thins, they are a must for any real car!!!
05-16-2005 07:51 PM
PureNordicPower Basically he gets paid to be you
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