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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-17-2009 10:54 PM
Ajax Sorry lads and ladies, I've been off the grid a bit of late. But everything Ben said is true, I don't really have much to add. Like most projects, it's a cash flow issue that's put a halt to proceedings. So we're going to try and do as many odd jobs on the car as we can that dont cost anything, or very little. Some jobs that we're looking at doing soon, probably in this order too:

1. Installing the new 'electric everything' doors. I bought 4 straight doors a long time ago and its now time for them to go on the car. We had 30mins to kill yesterday so we pulled off the original doors (2 of which were unserviceable anyway). We stripped the glass out of them and anything else that may come in handy and turfed the shells.

2. Design and weld in new mounts for my 300ZX seats that will be going in. The back seats will be the hardest part as there's no actual seat. Its all just foam and springs etc. The rear seats in a 300ZX get their support from the way they're contoured into the floor pan. So, we're not sure yet how we're going to mount them, but we do have a few ideas up our sleeves.

3. Finish organising and mounting the 900 shifter and the shaft that links it to the gearbox. It requires some bending of the shaft at a specific point. I think that's right anyway - someone correct me if I'm wrong. I still have to pick up my spiffy rebuilt 5spd gearbox too.

4. Dynamat as much of the interior as we can (I bought the stuff ages ago): floors, roof, firewall, doors. Won't do the boot as yet because I haven't decided how I'm setting that out. My only concern is the doors. If we Dynamat the doors and then send them off to be painted, will the baking process ruin the Dynamat? On another note, it will be a little sad to pull the roof lining out. It's in near mint condition, with barely a mark on it. No sagging or anything that I can remember. I'm almost certainly going to put it up for sale if its any good when we finally remove it.

I think that's it. As soon as I can afford it I'm either going to send the head off to the guy in Victoria that Ben mentioned, or finish getting all the engine internals we need and then get everything cryo-treated. We're also looking at maybe getting the piston crowns ceramic coated.
04-12-2009 03:09 AM
Ascension Nik and I have done bugger to the 99 for quite a while now unfortunantly. We've both had plenty of other things on that have taken up our time but talk has turned back to the project over the last few weeks so there might be some progress to report soon hopefully.

I'll let Nik fill in the details, but a quick rundown of upcoming events should be:

We think we have sourced the crank, rods and pistons from a very low k 2.1L 900 which along with the block will be cryo treated.
We've also sourced a set of oversized valves, and valve springs from a Holden V8.
And lastly we have found a new camshaft that was apparently left over from when Saab Australia stopped rallying 99's back in the day. So we intend to get it profiled to see how aggressive it is and if it will suit our needs.

I've also had a few very interesting chats with a chap in Victoria about head work. He's said that he has disected numerous B motor heads in the past to find out exactly how far you can go with the porting and chamber size/shape and port matching etc etc so the end result should be pretty special we hope.

I had placed an order for an exhaust manifold with MSS over a year ago now but never heard back about it. Sent a few emails with no reply either. Since we were never really in a hurry I never bothered chasing it up, I just hope Jack is still alive and kicking

03-27-2009 09:09 AM
Green9kAERO bump.... Need updates. this is sweet!
10-27-2008 09:02 AM
Boosted Shoe Well as far as rust goes on my car there isn't anything major, ro rust holes or anything, just surface rust from water slipping in between the rear flares and the body and some other minor stuff. There is however a lot of dents on the car from when my dad sold it to a friend who beat it up pretty bad so I have to go through and get all that fixed, I also have to update the roll cage to comply with current GT specs, re-wire the car, new gauges, I'm going to add an alternator to it because it never had one and I'd like to have it even though it'll drop me by 1-2HP and add a few pounds. The front fender flares are entirely bondo just following the stock fender flare until it covered the slicks, I'd like to eventually remove the front fenders and get molds of them made and make them entirely of fiberglass for weight savings and easy repair.
10-26-2008 08:34 PM
Palmer I love this thread.

Keep it up!
10-26-2008 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
About time to get some more work done matey!

Not enough progess and too much ass grabbing going on me thinks
There's a good chance I'll be home friday. If I am do you wanna do some more saabage, or are you working?

Originally Posted by Boosted Shoe View Post
I was gonna ask where you got those control arms and suspension pieces but after digging into the thread I guess I already have them =P I would like to re-do a bunch of that stuff, but I think to get it out on the track faster I'll focus on the body this year, then the year after go through the motor get new rods and pistons and get it all balanced and detail all the suspension stuffs. The car looks awesome by the way, hope my car comes together as good.
Yeah there's nothing special about my suspension bits - theyre just acid bathed and powder coated. The body on my car is shaping up to be both fun and a pain in the ass. Is there much work to do on yours? Do you have much rust or anything?

Thanks Im just hoping that when the car is finally done it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.
10-24-2008 08:39 PM
Boosted Shoe I was gonna ask where you got those control arms and suspension pieces but after digging into the thread I guess I already have them =P I would like to re-do a bunch of that stuff, but I think to get it out on the track faster I'll focus on the body this year, then the year after go through the motor get new rods and pistons and get it all balanced and detail all the suspension stuffs. The car looks awesome by the way, hope my car comes together as good.
10-23-2008 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by c900 View Post
And stock seats (I'm sure that there are car upholstery places that can repair them - give Saab Serve a call and ask them for some advice?) would give the car better inherent value once it's restored.

Hi alex and Craig. I have the guy for your interior. Steve is awesome at Saab salvage but if you want a motor trimmer you have to use TQ Motor Trimmers.
02 46250006
Speak to mike and Tell him you know Mark, Saab 9000.

He is absolutely awesome. And the price is right.
10-22-2008 11:27 AM
Ascension About time to get some more work done matey!

Not enough progess and too much ass grabbing going on me thinks
09-08-2008 04:23 AM
85spgATL Weird stuff with the cam...

Other wise..
best 99 on teh netz!
08-28-2008 08:53 AM
Busy afternoon.

Originally Posted by saabsbreakdown View Post
decided not to clean the underside eh?
Nah, the effort outweighed any gain. We did scrub all the dirt, crud, spider's nests and everything off first. The only thing left was the original underbody.

Did some more work on the car today. First off we finished painting the underbody. After that we attacked the engine bay. You can see how greasy and crudded up it was.

Two lots of heavy degreasing and scrubbing and it looked a lot better (albeit still in piss poor condition). We cleared out all the blocked drainage holes, but there is still a lot of grease and crap in amongst the suspension mounts and wheel well that we couldnt get to. We're going to have to remove the front suspenion and steering rack to get all that crap out. Speaking of steering racks, we've received conflicting info about fitting a 900 steering rack to the 99. Some people say we can, some say we can't. Has anyone got advice or info on that front?

We also removed the battery tray and the coil mount. The battery will be mounted in the boot, and we're (almost certainly) going to switch to electronic ignition with coils mounted elsewhere in the engine bay.

Removing the coil mounting bracket.

To finish the afternoon we decided to remove the head from the block - we're going to send it interstate along with the MSS Inlet manifold (and the exhaust header too when we get it) so they can all be port matched and the head fully rebuilt. Bigger valves and stronger valve springs are going to be installed. We need to source a lumpy cam for it now so we can send it off with the head too.

The engine before being decapitated.

Minus the inlet manifold.

The water galleries were pretty clogged, due to the oil that got in there a long time ago. We discovered that the gasket was quite restrictive, with water holes significantly smaller than those on the head itself.

This shot is inside where the water exits the head and goes back to the radiator.

The biggest surprise though was the condition of the cam. It was farked, with bad pitting and chipping on most of the lobes.

08-27-2008 05:30 PM
saabsbreakdown decided not to clean the underside eh?
08-25-2008 02:28 AM
Ajax Well, its time for another (small) update. We're still focusing our attention at the moment to the underside of the car. We started repainting the underside of the car in sealer (after cleaning away all the caked on grease and crud). Unfortunately we didnt finish it as it started to rain, and we havent had the chance to finish the job yet. With a bit of luck that'll happen this week. We painted most of the underbody, with only the wheel wells, rear section where the fuel tank goes, and the very front remaining.

Here is the first shot taken with the suspension completely bolted back in place. Nice to see a bit of orange underneath the car.

My dirty engine bay as it currently stands, with a little of orangey goodness.

Doing this allowed us to easily paint underneath the car. We used a winch with some straps wrapped around a crossmember to lift the front.


07-23-2008 12:47 AM
Ajax Wow, its been 2.5 months since Ive updated this thread. Unfortunately there hasnt been much work done to the car. Ive been super busy so I've done jack all, but thankfully my mate has felt motivated enough to finish putting the 900 susp in the car. Its now a rolling shell again! He's got some pics but I havent got them off him yet.

Apart from that the only other news to report is that work on the gearbox has finally begun (a lack of funds was holding the process up) and engine rebuilding will begin soon. We're in the process of finalising an order from Jack at MSS, and it seems we've found a guy here in Aus that has a lot of experience in rebuilding SAAB heads with an eye to performance. We're probably going to send the Aus guy one of my heads, along with my MSS inlet manifold and he's going to rebuild it with oversized valves, stronger valve springs etc, as well as port matching everything.

We have also learned that the block can be bored out to 2.1L (and pistons to fit are readily available), so thats almost certainly the path we're going to take.

So if all goes according to plan, within a month I'll have a new 5spd LSD gearbox, be well on the way to having a fully rebuilt and port-matched head, and be awaiting some parts from MSS.
05-01-2008 02:07 AM
Originally Posted by WSUviggen View Post
love the project makes me want an old 99 to match with my 2002's keep up the good work
Haha funny you should say that. This car used to be my dads many years ago until he sold it to my mate. My dad still owns his 2002 though. 99's and 2002's must be a great combo
04-30-2008 08:03 AM
WSUviggen love the project makes me want an old 99 to match with my 2002's keep up the good work
04-30-2008 04:49 AM
Ajax Man it has been a long time since I have updated this thread - and unfortunately I have nothing new to report. My work hours changed so now I no longer have the occasional friday off. Ive also been really busy (and broke) so havent done anything to the car for a while now. Its still up on stands in my mates car-hole. The next step is still to change over the suspension, wheel the car back into the sunlight and then paint the underside chassis black. Not sure when this is going to happen, but hopefully sometime soon.

The only other news to report is that im hoping to order some new bits soon. Most notably the MSS exhaust header, and engine bits such as double valve springs and timing chain tensioner. If I can afford it I might get that air dam from the other site (whose name escapes me now).

Thats about it for the moment. I'll keep everyone posted on whats happening when i have something new to report.

Cheers lads.
03-09-2008 10:58 PM
Ajax Well we've done a bit of work on the car in the past few weeks. We're making slow but steady progress. The problem is that starting to fix one problem inevitably creates more problems. A "we might as well do this while that's off" sort of thing.

We spent one friday wrestling with the old suspension. We initially started to clean the wheel wells, but got bored of that quick smart, so we ditched that idea and took the exhaust off. My mate wrestled with it a bit and it snapped in half about midway along its length. It had corroded that much it disintegrated. W ethen rolled the car into his garage and put it on axle stands so we could take the suspension off. 31 years of built up crud and corrosion did not make for an easy job. It took us the rest of the day to get it off, killing many a spider along the way. The car had been outside for nearly all of its last 10 years, so there were heaps of spiders nests under the car - including a pretty big redback that had made a home in the front right spring. It met the heavy end of a shifter. We went to a few different local engineering places and got as many bolts as we could replaced with stainless ones. There were a couple we couldnt find, including the axle bolts, so we just cleaned them up with some potent degreaser and a wire brush.

The next step is to bolt the new suspension in place so we can roll the car out of the garage and put it on the axle stands outside. My mate has bought a steam cleaner, so we'll use that to attack the engine bay (which we've stripped of everything except the heater) and wheel wells (we'll take the susp off again beforehand though). Hopefully all this will get done soon.

My hovercar...

Underneath before we removed everything. When I took the rear susp off I saw that the fuel tank was seriously crudded up, so we'll probably take that off and clean it up. I toyed (very briefly) with the idea of getting a custom tank made up, but I think thats probably just an enormous expense for only a little gain.

Old front vs new. We discovered that the diameter of the lowered front springs my dad got years ago are too small for the new spring retainers. Luckily I have the springs that came with the new susp, so its all good there.

The original rear susp in all its corroded glory.

A close up of how the original rear susp has degraded.
02-17-2008 04:43 PM
Ajax Thanks to all for the positive comments

Theres not much to report at the moment as my mate and I havent had our days off match up again - so we havent been able to do any work on it. We now have the rest of the bushes that we were missing, including $150 worth of bushes that we didnt need and probably cant return (our fault we got them). Also got retractable seatbelts for it as well, to replace the manually adjust ones. It'll be just under two weeks before we can work on the car again, and im hoping to paint the underside of the car and get the new susp completely installed next time. I plan on getting all new suspension bolts too.

Originally Posted by drewz airflow se View Post
wow those parts are so hot! did u have to strip the parts before sending them or did they strip it for you.
Thankfully the powder coaters had an acid bath there, so all we did was remove the old bushes and scrub most of the grease off so you could handle the pieces without getting filthy. We somehow left bushes in two of the mounting brackets, so they ended up getting powder coated too. They were still intact but obvioulsy not in a usable condition.

Originally Posted by NickTurbo900 View Post
I wish I could magically go to page 9 of the thread and see the final product!
Haha you and me both!
02-11-2008 06:04 PM
Sedan Seeing your car makes me really want to get a 4-door 99 again. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!
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