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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-23-2004 11:38 PM
bollman Alright, Ill kick this thread open again.
I know have JT 3" with sports cat, and an X-flow IC.
I ran the test again and this is how it looks now:

As you can see, the pressure has gone up at higher rpms, most probably due to less constrictions in the exhaust.
01-27-2004 03:03 PM
WS its not tax free, the whole car becomes tax u basically get a free car if ur company gets taxed whatever the msrp is. Something like that, but ur not gonna get like a $35k car for free, i think when u get a tax break like that it pays for most of it but not all
01-26-2004 11:01 PM
bollman Mhm, I heard about that, think it was something like 4.8tonnes, so the biggest SUV-models could be put in that category. Great work there US gov!
01-26-2004 06:43 PM
b dash rian many people here drive SUV's also because they can get them tax free, by a simple loophole in laws
if you drive a vehicle over 6 (i think) tons more than half the time for work purposes, you can write it off
WTF George W.?

01-04-2004 07:05 PM
saabguy taxes suck

i know the wars have to do a lot with it, i don't see why we have to spend billions to distroy their stuff, then billions more to rebuild it. why can't we just distroy it all, steal their oil, and then leave?

i thought diesel's were what companies wanted people to have cause they get better gas milage?

01-04-2004 11:33 AM
The 92 Gulf War
The 2003 Conquest of Iraq
Actually, I didnt want to drag those reasons here, but it can be related

Also, driving "big mutha SUVs" is part of the so called "american way of life" so if the gas got higher you would probably kill the president or something, or there will be riots, the KKK starts burning crosses and stuff, really bad scenes

Ive heard talks about putting penalty-taxes on SUVs here in Sweden. Just because they polluting and is a big hazard to pedestrians and your fellow motorist in an ordinary car. But I dont think they will go away still. The guys owning SUVs in Sweden are too rich. They will just pay the taxes and be glad that they can show off their wealth with SUVs.

BMWs are not so classy anymore here, just Bosnians and other eastern refugees who buy them cheap in Germany.
01-04-2004 09:37 AM
BurnsSide42 Wish we had 98 octaine here.... i start to flip out when I hafta get gas, and it's like $1.80 and it's for 92 octaine... i demand 93 or

Also - I thought Deisels were popular because they were LESS polutant... if maintained right.
01-04-2004 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by saabguy
i wonder why it's so much more there, it's not like they have to put it in huge tankers and cross and ocean with it...

A few reasons:

The 92 Gulf War
The 2003 Conquest of Iraq

Gas in the US is cheaper than drinking water. The price is artificially low so we can drive big mutha SUVs.
01-04-2004 01:54 AM
bollman Ah, yes, that question _had_ to come up!
Well, in Sweden we have _a lot_ of taxes on gas.
2004-01-01 the price of 1 litre of 95RON was 2.85SEK
Adding to that: 2.551SEK energy tax
Adding to that: 2,009SEK CO2 (carbon dioxide) tax
Upon these 3 you put on 25% sales tax!
Total price is: 9,26SEK/litre

Ill translate to US units:
1 gallon of 95RON is $1.48
Adding $1.32/gallon in energy tax
Adding $1.04/gallon in CO2 tax
Adding 25% sales tax (observe, we pay sales tax on taxes!)
Totalling at $4.8/gallon

So you see, the price is about the same, difference is that we pay so much to the goverment!
Talks are in progress in the goverment to rise tax on gas considerably. The price of 95RON is likely to reach $6.2/gallon or more in a few years.

Adding to these costs are car tax, about $2-300/year unless you own a car with diesel engine in which case you pay about $8-900/year (diesel cars are considered more polluting, so thats why you pay higher taxes).
And you have the yearly checkup, about $40 (required, otherwise youre not allowed to drive your car).
You gotta have insurance, I have a good bonus so my car is about $500/year in insurance. The price differs depending on where you live, your age and so on. Owning a og900 turbo-16 in Stockholm, being under 26 years of age you might be looking at $2000/year or more...

So, many people in Sweden consider cars to be luxury. On the other hand we have good commuting capabilities and if you live in a moderatly big city, chances are, you wont need a car!
01-03-2004 09:03 PM
saabguy i wonder why it's so much more there, it's not like they have to put it in huge tankers and cross and ocean with it...

01-03-2004 04:17 PM
bollman About the same as in Sweden, 10,30SEK/litre 1SEK more than here, but the price of gas maxed out about 2 years ago when we hit 11SEK for 98.
Its not fair that the US guys gets all the cheap gas!

On the topic:
talked to a guy today, he said that the TD25 can deliver 1.3bar at 6500rpm for my engine so it stays. On the other hand I will need to swap the IC and get a full 3" with sport-cat. Then I make some new measures and well see!
01-03-2004 03:43 PM
murphwiz Thats Cheap in Sweden!

Currently in my area, optimax, (98 octane) is $6.44 per uk gallon (4.55 litres)
01-03-2004 03:26 PM
BurnsSide42 I pay $1.60 a gal for 93 Octaine here in PA Most places are asking like $1.65-$1.75 tho for the high-test, i just know where to go
01-03-2004 07:01 AM
bollman In Sweden the 95 now includes 5% Etanol (spelling=in swedish) alcohol, were "enviroment consious" you know, its called E5.
01-03-2004 06:16 AM
saabguy wow, that is expensive, here in maine the most i've seen is 95, and that only costs a meer $1.67 a gallon, the middle grade which is 93 octane costs $1.57 a gallon, and the cheapo junk which is 89 octane costs $1.49.

the gas up in maine doesn't have any sulfur crap in it, it's really good up here.

where do you hail from slaab?

01-03-2004 12:37 AM
bollman Oh, I forgot. Im running 98 RON. The lowest available in Sweden is 95, but I run 98. Im looking into additives to get 100 or more, but its darn expensive, the fuel in Sweden is expensive as it is! I filled her up yesterday, and the price for 98RON was $5/gallon...

The car is a 9-3SE LPT 154hp 1999, so its a T5 with T-25 turbo. Mods are: BSR stage 1 ECU, and a Speedparts open air-kit, all other things are standard, but on the update-list is 3" exhaust with sports-cat, a new IC and (maybe) a new Turbo.
I just had it serviced, 130000km, new oil and plugs and the filter is newly cleaned. The O2 is not in use while WOT, so that will not interfere, but it works as it should cause the car runs great, with very low overall consumption.

OBDII-data is available on 1996 and above. SAAB has a proprietary system before that and to that system, you need special hardware not directly available in stores...
01-02-2004 10:52 PM
BurnsSide42 That IS really neat - particularlly HOW you got the specs. Think there is a way to get that kinda infor from a Pre- 94 9000T or a Pre- 93 900T ?
01-02-2004 09:49 PM
slaab Bollman: Great data!

What is the fueling? 93 RON? We got the high sulfur crappy stuff in the US.

What is the ECU you are running?

Stock BPC, MBC, or SMBC?

Did you change your plugs/O2 sensor/temp sensor recently?

T5 or T7 config?

Other mods?
01-02-2004 03:22 PM
Performance with diagrams

So, Ive been testing a bit. This is what Ive come up with:

This is the turbopressure over the RPMs:

As you can see, the pressure drops above 4700 rpm, most probably because the T-25 and maybe my stock exhaust... (yes yes, I know, Im going for a 3" with sports cat as soon as spring is here)

In this picture you also see the Ignition Timing. As far as I can see, when the pressure hits max, 230kPa or 33.4 PSI for you US guys (remember, that includes atmospheric pressure!) the ignition advances (probably due to knock) and the pressure goes down. This could perhaps be prevented with higher octane fuel.

Well, some thoughts. BTW the diagrams are made in Excel after I collected data with my ScanTool OBDII-thingie. Recording the boost-curve was a bit dangerous. Going 190kmh on a winter road is not exactly cautious...

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