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Ajax 03-07-2007 03:37 AM

Project 'Resurrection'
Thar she blows! Here, as requested are pics which I managed to get from my mate (its previous owner). It went form my dads' hand to my friends' and then to mine. These were taken aboot 6 months ago. Its a little worse for wear now but it looks pretty much the same.

For those that dont know, it's a 1972 2.0L single carb 99. Its a transition model that ran for 6 months, right when they started changing to the B motor. Thats why its such an early 2.0L. Judging from the chassis number, its quite possibly the first of its kind in Aus.

My father owned it when i was a kid, and is responsible for the 2-tone paint job (the light blue bottom half being the part he added). He's also responsible for lowering the front half an inch so it sits right, and for the big aluminium air-dam at the front, which can't have escaped anyone's eyes :). Personally, I quite like the air-dam. It makes the car look less boat-like. I do like the standard 99 shape, but with it tapering up from the bottom at both front and back they tend to look a bit like those amphibious cars from way back when viewed side-on. Oh, it also has ATE 4-pot calipers from a BMW 2002 on the front. They bolt straight on (with some very minor plumbing work) and seem to be a good replacement for the standard 2-pot ones.

It seems to be quite durable, which has impressed me no end. It hasnt been registered since 1998, and sat for years without use. But there is very little rust, and the engine still runs, albeit a little poorly since the carb is in need of a service and there is oil in the cooling system.

Ive planned a major restoration of this car. I want to make it a sporty daily driver without being too over the top. An engine rebuild with performance mods, custom engine bay and custom interior, and respraying it are all on the cards. Suspension and brake upgrades are planned as well. Im going to attempt to acheive 150bhp at the wheels while keeping it normally aspirated (law here prevents me from driving v8's and forced induction vehicles). They had 95bhp at the engine when they came out of the factory, so i think 150 at the wheels is fairly realistic since it is a 2L. Most of the horses have escaped at the moment though!

First task is to get it running better. This includes converting it to electric water pump (as the standard mechanical one is currently cactus). I'll eventually do an electric fuel pump as well to remove even more parasitic drag from the engine. The left rear passenger window shattered with the heat so ive got a replacement coming next week, along with a proper saab tacho (this never had one), two carb manifold with the 2 strombergs (or are they SU's?), and a reco'd radiator. Once i get it registered im going to have the engine completely rebuilt with a complete balancing, bore honing, lightened flywheel, and a ported head and inlet manifold. Ive also got oversized saab pistons ready to go in, but havent managed to source any piston rings for them yet. Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. Theyre the size between standard and first oversize. Its the honing size. The car has been treated so badly these past few years i feel it deserves a rebuild. This should freshen it up no end and make a good base to build 150 ponies from.

I think thats about it for the moment. If anyone is interested i can tell you some of my other plans (ive been planning this whole project out for over a month) and post more pics when i get them - probably this weekend.

Just a quick question, ive heard you can take the 16v head from the 9000 and bolt it straight onto a 900. Is this true? If so, can it also be transplanted onto a 99 B motor? Or are there other 16v heads that can be transplanted?

Any advice or comments are welcome.

VAGGEN 03-07-2007 04:52 AM

They need to be hosted on a photo site. Try or
Cool looking car... the front really has some attitude!

Leif 78T 03-07-2007 10:34 AM

Man, that's a mean looking 99! Love the Mad Max air dam!
MSS motorsports over here has a lot of non-standard engine parts I hear. They do not have a website but you should be able to reach them by phone. Might be a tad costly from Oz, and so are the parts.

Motor Sport Service
Jack Lawrence
1400 East 2nd Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
phone: 716-665-4200

abdukted1456 03-07-2007 11:03 AM

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that is a really cool car. I hope you are leaving it two tone like that just with fresher paint. that is so sweet

Sedan 03-07-2007 11:04 AM

Wow, that is such a cool car with so much potential. If I were you I'd clean up the stainless steel grille and headlight surrounds. Seeing your car makes me regret selling my carbed '73 4-door 99. Maybe the new owner will sell it back to me if he ever gets sick of it, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.* ;-)

Contact MSS and get their 99/900 catalogue. Unfortunately a 16-valve head will not work on the B-motor but there are plenty of other performance options out there.

mcrowley 03-07-2007 11:22 AM

That is definitely a cool looking car, especially with the 2-tone paint. Good luck getting it back on the road!

drewz airflow se 03-07-2007 11:34 AM

Thats a sweet car I really like it even though its a 4 door.

Saab99Super 03-07-2007 11:40 AM

looks like it will be a fun little project. :)

Ajax 03-07-2007 07:41 PM

Thanks for all the positive comments. I was really curious to how you would all react to the air-dam. :)

I'll be repainting it for sure as the paint is all cracked and chipped. Especially on the bonnet. I hadnt planned on repainting it the same colours though - its been like that for as long as i can remember. Its time for a new outfit. Something with a bit pep, something that will make the car 'pop.' So i've come up with a two tone orange with black highlights colour scheme. A light orange (like the saab one) and a slightly darker orange, one's that are quite similar but noticably different. That'll be the main colour and then im planning of having black highlights such as wipers, window surrounds, grille and headlight shrouds, door handles, and side mirrors. I also want to get black 17"x7 or x8 rims with a polished lip. Will flare the arches slightly if i need to to make the rims fit. Probably lower it an inch just to make it look a bit sportier. Oh, I'll also finish the air-dam around to the front wheel arches and blend it in nicely.

I definitely have to do something about the grille too. I've got a silver and black grille and headlight shrouds from a 900 in close to mint condition. I was planning on using that but when i test fitted it a week ago i found it didnt fit properly. Its too flat whereas the 99's body line is more pointy at the front. So i'll be flogging that off sometime soon, if anyone's interested. So now I daresay I'll be making some form of custom grille.

Ajax 03-11-2007 03:43 AM

Here's a couple of shots of the interior. You can see that the right hand side of the binnacle is empty. It originally came with a giant clock, but that died years ago. Ive got a saab tacho coming this week which will fit nicely in there.

A friend and I managed to do a little bit of work on the car over the weekend. We put on proper saab rims as the rims and tyres on the car beforehand were complete rubbish. Once I get the car registered and put 17's on it, i'll be selling these wheels.

Ive been wanting to do something about the seats in the car. Theyre starting to really disintegrate and they smell old and musty. Out of sheer coincidence we test fitted the rear bucket seats out of a wrecked nissan 300zx (which you can see in the background behind the saab). As you can see it actually fits quite well. It wouldnt be too hard to mount them and make up extra padding to make it all look nice. It even gains 6 - 8 inches of legroom in the back. Its definitely something for me to consider at a later date. What do you guys reckon?

Leif 78T 03-11-2007 07:04 PM

Man, that's a good fit there but I'd stick with the stock bench seats. Never you when you might need to haul a fridge.

Palmer 03-11-2007 07:15 PM

I like the 300 seats!

It's different, but not over the top.

NahumCC 03-11-2007 07:23 PM

Damn those are truly some deep bucket seats.

Ajax 03-12-2007 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by Leif 78T (Post 230045)
Man, that's a good fit there but I'd stick with the stock bench seats. Never you when you might need to haul a fridge.

Yeah thats true, but these seats wouldnt be hard to remove again if I need to. They will basically just bolt into place like the saab ones.

The seats are deep because the bottom half actually has no support - its just foam. In a 300zx the floor is all moulded there, it curves up to meet the bottom of the boot (trunk?). The seat fits snugly in the curved/moulded area and it just bolted into place. The photos also make it look deeper too. The seats will probably be changed long after Ive got the car roadworthy and registered again.

Test fitted some 17x7's today. They didnt fit very well with the standard saab offset because it hits the struts and suspension arms in the wheel well. If i want to make 7's fit im going to have to try a different offset, and maybe drop half an inch off the width of the front rims.

c900 03-12-2007 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by Leif 78T (Post 230045)
Man, that's a good fit there but I'd stick with the stock bench seats. Never you when you might need to haul a fridge.

And stock seats (I'm sure that there are car upholstery places that can repair them - give Saab Serve a call and ask them for some advice?) would give the car better inherent value once it's restored.


Ajax 03-13-2007 06:36 AM

If/when I change the seats over, I am planning the keep the standard ones. Just because Im not using them doesnt mean I plan to throw them away :)

Thanks for the tip about saabserve. Think Ive heard of them before, but havent checked them out yet.

Did a bit more work on the car today - a friend and I managed to remove the water pump shaft - all without shearing the shafts! Pretty pleased about that. Now all I have to do is get the scratch together to seal up the inside so the oil and water dont mix, and then I can finish converting it to an electric water pump. (Less parasitic drag FTW!) Then its "registration, here i come." (I hope)

Ajax 12-17-2007 06:04 AM

Well its time i posted in this thread again. I havent done a whole lot since the last update - work seems to be eating up more and more of my time lately. And of course xmas doesnt help!

A while ago I got a whole lot of suspension bits off a 93 900. Got quite a few other things as well. I wanted to get all the suspension cleaned up and refreshed before it went on the car, so today I finally took it all to the powder coaters. I had the rear axle shot-peened last week so that it'd be all clean for the powder. The acid bath at the powder coaters isnt big enough fo the whole thing.

Im still working with the assumption that the car is going to end up orange when ive finished with it, so I decided to colour code the suspension to match. The rear axle, trailing arms, wishbones and other big bits are all going to be orange with tiny silver flakes in it (saw a swatch of it they had already done and it looks awesome). All the mounting brackets and smaller bits are in a bright silver. I decided to do the rear sway bar in french blue, just to add a touch on contrast against the orange. I dont even know how much of it all will be visible under the car, but hey, might as well make the colours interesting instead of plain old black! The powder coaters are shutting up for three weeks at the end of this one, so I wont get anything back till mid January. I'll post photos when I get them back.

My next task is to organise new bushes for everything. Some of the rubber ones we pulled are still usable, but I wouldnt mind having poly all round. Problem is that i dont have the AU$1300 it would cost to get it all done like that. So it'll probably end up being a mix of boh poly and rubber.
All the suspension bits laid out on the lawn, purely for fun. My bonnet against the fence in the background. 300zx rear suspension assembly sitting on the pallet.
Shot-peened axle in the boot of my mates Commy before taking it to the powder coaters today.
A close up of the surface. It came out feeling like coarse sandpaper. I was told they'll prime it before colouring it, which will make it all smooth again before the colour goes on. A smooth surface will make it a lot easier to clean!
Just boxes of bits being taken to the coaters. Have no idea why that pic is so bright.

DeLorean 12-17-2007 06:14 AM

very nice project here, when you said you got "a whole lot of suspension bits off a 93 900" you were not kidding, looks like nearly the whole thing! :lol: that should be a very nice update for that car.

Ajax 12-17-2007 03:19 PM

heheh yeah it is quite a lot, but that day I also got 4 new 900 doors (because they have power windows, central locking, and pillar mounted mirrors), and the 9000 rotors and calipers you can see. I plan on getting new lowered springs made up and possibly some new slotted rotors at some stage in the not too distant future.

Got it all from my saab guy out in western sydney (Steve at "Saab Salvage" for us Aussies). He's proved to be an invaluable source of info, advice, and parts. He's currently turning my 4spd box into a 5 spd with lsd. He took it apart the other day and told me the gearbox wasnt far from breaking. Apparently most of the bolts had shaken themselves loose, and one in particular had come out so far its head was spinning up against the inside of the gearbox casing - trying to drill its way through! Thankfully the damage is minimal, so we can still use the same casing.

saabsbreakdown 12-17-2007 04:51 PM

Jack has an email also, I believe it is [email protected], but that is just from memory.

Saab made spoilers for 99 turbos, and replicas can still be purchased,

This car looks really good and I hope the project goes well!

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