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saab-henri 05-22-2015 01:22 AM

stromberg carburettor
Is there anybody who can give me some link to a tune up manual for the Stromberg carby 175CD 2S. I do have a Haynes manual but the description on tuning is not that good. My main problem is that the cars is very dull when driving with a cold engine. It accellerates very slowly and sometimes backfires.

Harvey's Autohaus 05-22-2015 04:13 AM

The Stromberg is a very good but primitive side draft as I'm sure you already know, Check for throttle shaft vacuum leaks with carb cleaner while its running, If the engine speed pics up rapidly when you spray the throttle shaft you need to re bush the shaft.

Cold start fuel enrichment is done via a Bimetallic spring in the side of the carb,

The main diaphragm between the top & bottom of the carb can be Rotten/torn "you probly need to replace that" & Not holding atf, In the us we use automatic transmission fluid to dampen the slide, you fill the top of the carb with oil or atf. The main mixture needle is adjusted through the top with a long allen wrench, under the cap screw.

the first feeder carb on a triumph tr6 will give you a close exploded view example, those diagrams & tuning instructions are much more common.

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