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thike1 04-22-2013 08:05 AM

Leaky Power Steering Boot.
Anyone ever rebuild a Power steering rack. My boot had a rip and fluid poured out of it. I am not sure fluid should be in there. Does anyone know if I should replace the boot or do a complete rebuild. At 700 PSI in a hard turn, I doubt the boot is designed to hold fluid.

I have a 2001 95 Aero. I bought a replacement from a 99 95, looks the same, body part same number, but gear box at a slightly different angle and will not fit. Aero brochure says enhanced sport steering, so perhaps that is the differenct between other 95s, a different gear box.

If a rebuild, does anyone know how or have a link. I believe I need to replace the bushing inside the housing right near where the boot attaches. I have not been able to find an info, but have an edlemen rebuild kit.

seriks1 04-22-2013 11:52 AM

Most likely the rip in the boot allowed allowed dirt in which caused the leak. Only leaks I've ever found in a 9-5 rack happened that way. I usually just replace the rack, never tried a rebuild myself (I like a warranty cuz that rack replacement sucks)

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