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s2160 08-12-2016 08:11 AM

Hard Start Issues/My Experience
Hey There, I'm not a mechanic, but bought a 2003 9-5 wagon, 2.3t last summer with 165k miles. It was a project car, and I gave it a new fuel pump and check valves, new ignition coil cassette, new NGK iridium spark plugs, and replaced a faulty seat heater switch that was draining the battery. I got 8k miles of happy driving. At that point, I began to experience hard starts, all the time, and random misfires. I verified pressure at the fuel rail, it was good. I replaced the vacuum hoses with silicone. In doing that, I found the original hoses were brittle, and cracked in some places. This effort allowed me to reduce the hard start issue to only the first start in the morning, the rest of the day was great starting, and ran like a champ. Advice from a friend, suggested that I turn my attention to fuel injectors that might be fouled. Instead of going to Motorvac injector cleaning (you can google that) at a shop ($125), he had me run about 5 tanks of fuel with Techron Injector Cleaner (walmart) through the car, and switch to buying a "Top Tier" certified detergent premium fuel. "Top Tier" is a designation based on a study commissioned by AAA to evaluate fuel quality across the brands available in the US. Google that for some interesting reading. I'm now back to happy driving. BTW, this process took a month or two of trial and error, head scratching, and patience. Again, I'll repeat that I'm not a mechanic, so there may be those out there that may find fault with what I've done, but, I thought that my experience might be helpful to others out there in Saab Land.

Saabeh 08-17-2016 07:54 AM

The hard (cold) start issue with a 9-5 is usually the fuel line check valve. Overnight, fuel rail pressure is leaked back into the tank instead of being kept in the fuel rail. So you go and try to start the car and it doesn't have fuel in the rail right away.

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