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Passion4_900 09-29-2012 05:21 AM

9-5 turbo swap info
Hi all. It's been a few years since my last post on here and alas... here i am.

Hope someone can offer some useful knowledge on this situation:

Looking at buying a 2001 9-5 (non aero) with a blown turbo. The guy is selling it for peanuts so I figure its worth a shot. I also found a guy parting out his totaled 1996 9000 Aero. I'm buying the exhaust manifold and turbo. He doesnt have the coolant or oil lines available.

Straight swap? I'm looking to drop the 9-5's manifold and turbo and put in the 9000's turbo/manifold.

I've done a turbo installation on an old C900 I had years ago so I am familiar with the process. Question is, do these use the same lines/banjo bolts and is it the same turbo?

Cark 09-29-2012 05:31 AM

I may not be 100% correct here, but the 9k manifold won't work in the 9-5...

and in order to use the turbo from the 9000 aero (assuming it was a 5spd with the TD04) you will need to swap the compressor housing from the 9-5 onto it, and you'll also need to clock everything so that it lines up properly with everything on the 9-5.

You will need the correct lines for the TD04 as well.

Passion4_900 09-29-2012 05:38 AM

its a TD04 from a 5spd...

If the manifold doesn't work then I can mount the TD04 on the existing manifold?
Why would i need to swap the housing, is it due to different diameter intake pipe?

I can swap the compressor housing providing it fits on a TD04 and is not damaged already.

Cark 09-29-2012 05:58 AM

The TD04 from the 9k will mount to the 9-5 manifold no problem. I would recommend porting the exhaust manifold though as it will have a round outlet to match up with the 5cm turbine housing the 9-5 uses, and the TD04 you have is the 6cm turbine housing, so it will have more of an oval/rectangular type of opening.

You need to find a compressor housing from a 9-5 with a TD04 and swap it because of the connection from the inlet pipe to the turbo. The 9k style compressor housing uses a slip on tube with a clamp. The 9-5 uses the "cobra" pipe and a v-band style clamp. So you will need the 9-5 compressor housing to go on there.

Mike D had a bunch of TD04's from 9-5's kicking around, maybe he'd sell you one of the compressor housings?

Passion4_900 09-29-2012 06:07 AM

Thanks! that helps allot. I'm assuming the turbo thats on the 9-5 now won't have a compressor housing that fits the TD04.... And lastly, what about the coolant/oil lines? will whats on the 9-5 now fit the TD04? I guess it all depends on what type of turbo the factory installed on 9-5 2.3t's in 2001...

Cark 09-29-2012 06:10 AM

Compressor housing on the 9-5 now won't fit the TD04, it should have a garrett Gt17 on there.

I believe the oil lines you have are fine, but you will need to source the correct coolant lines for the TD04, as the banjos that go into the turbo are smaller. Some people get away with this by stacking copper o-rings, but it is not the "correct" way of doing it.

Passion4_900 09-29-2012 06:20 AM

ya I have heard of that. Stacking o rings may be my temporary solution however I think my biggest issue here will be finding an updated style compressor housing that fits the V-clamp hookup for a TD04. I'll have to message Mike D and see if he can ship me one I suppose or check local junkyards...

Passion4_900 10-01-2012 03:59 PM

So i bought the car :) got it for $700 and the turbo for $100. I'm cleaning out the parts I have, stored the car at a friends house 45 min away. I'm thinking of cutting off both compressor flanges and getting the v-clamp flange welded on the TD04 by an aluminum welder.... grind it all clean and throw it on.

I tried putting up pics of the car but Chrome keeps throwing me an error page when i do so. I'll try in IE.

Cark 10-01-2012 04:24 PM

Having the flanges cut and welded seems like a lot of work, and if things aren't perfect you could seriously F*** with the flow of air going into the turbo.

Did you PM Mike D about a compressor housing? If he doesn't have one I may be able to get one for you. Shoot me a PM if you want.

Passion4_900 10-01-2012 06:48 PM

well i work in an aircraft mod center so i have access to aerospace welding. I'm sceptical about it but it seems like the easiest road considering i know people who could achieve it

jssaab 10-08-2012 04:31 PM

Yeah if you warp the housing at all you will not be happy.

Passion4_900 10-09-2012 02:51 PM

Who could get me a TD04 compressor housing shipped to Mississauga for friday? How much cost?

Passion4_900 10-10-2012 06:19 PM

Busted turbo is out. Either the previous owner disconnected the oil feed line or the last guy who worked on it didn't hook it up cuz it was not even connected to the crankcase. Would be a bad case of oil starvation.

Haven't been able to locate any later model TD04 compressor housing from any used saab garages in the area. Tried an auto wrecker also had nothing.

Now I've assesed the 2 turbo's side by side and it looks like the core of the turbo on the TD04 is not in the same position as the GT17.... It's about 60 degrees out. Took off the ctr clamp and tried to move it but the core is seized onto the exhaust turbine housing.

Without being able to get both those issues rectified, looks like i need a whole other turbo... any that will fit the 9-5 used or refurb and the least expensive option at the moment seems to be the rebuilt GT17 from eeuroparts @ $607....

Any suggestions?

Passion4_900 10-12-2012 03:30 PM

If anyone is still following this thread, I've found and purchased a TD04 off a 9-5 at an auto wrecker for a good price with warranty and going to do the install tomorrow afternoon. I am now left with a spare TD04 that won't fit and a pair of coolant lines/ oil line that i got from another wrecker over the phone purchase that are probably from an earlier model 9000 that also dont work. They are both up for grabs if anyone wants them. I'll be posting an add in the for sale section.

Cark 10-12-2012 04:17 PM

cool! good luck with the TD04 install, you'll want to get a tune along with it to really unleash the added power the TD04 can provide.

Passion4_900 10-12-2012 10:35 PM

i'm not really looking for a go fast car as I have the Camaro in the summer for that but I have to say I've always wanted to feel the tuned power of a saab but never got the budget for it on my past saab's. What am I looking at spending if I sent out my ecu to Maptun or any of the others I remember hearing of back in the day? I Think it was close to 800$ about 4 years ago?

Cark 10-13-2012 03:21 AM

Most tuners will do an ECU for ~$150. You don't need to go crazy of course, but just get the maps setup for the TD04 instead of them being setup for the GT17 you had.

PM Rabbit, Mike D, or JZW for a tune!

Passion4_900 10-13-2012 05:49 AM


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