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Angel01 08-01-2020 09:41 PM

93 01, driver side trans axel oil leak
hello every one, I hope all of you are enjoying your saabs!!

I own a saav 93 for 5 years i had no mayor problems, only typical issues. starting late 2019 the original transmission gave up (FM55 55) so i replaced it with the only one i was able to find (FM55 507) with new clutch cylinder, new axles seals and sensor. It worked really good and silently for few weeks until i started noticing oil on the floor, every time the oil spots got bigger so i replaced the driver side axle seal again, it worked for few weeks and again more oil spots on the floor, so i decided to replace the driver side axle, while i was replacing it i notice it wobbles a lot even with new seal and it has lots of play even when the whole axle is locked inside the transmission. This is where my knowledge ends, i dont know what else to do, i ave been adding oil to the transmission every two weeks to avoid burning it, i have noticed while removing the screw to add oil it makes air pressure noise, so this is what is been going on with the transmission other than that the engine is runing great i keep chaging the oil every three months. If you could please help me or give me information how to rebuild the transmission, I am able to buy another transmission but in this case i will rebuild it to avoid problems. I have been looking for mechanics to rebuild it but as soon they ask the model they will not take it even if i offer more money, i really do not get what is the big deal, i could do it my self if i have the right information, in advance thanks for any light you could send in my direction, tu recap it is a (FM55 507) new driver side axle installed, the axle wobbles and have play when locked to the transmission, two oil seal have been replaced, it works quiet and fine for few weeks and then it starts leaking again, when i remove the screw to add new oil it makes air pressure noise while im unscrewing it ( i was wondering if there was a pressure relieve valve but i was not able to fine any) this is what i know about this problem, thank you guys.

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