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Six5Yeti 01-25-2020 05:37 AM

Another Drive Axle Question
Hello all. I need some ideas.
1989 900s 5 spd.

Went to replace Right side drive axle only to find it's too short. Not like 3" too short like Rockauto shipped me a left side axle. Too short by about an inch. The axle measures 24.25" which according to sources online is correct for my vehicle.
On the new axle with suspension compressed to normal ride height the tripod is only half way into the driver
The tripod bearing on the new shaft is mounted inbound towards the outer cv about a 1/4" as opposed to my old unit has the tripod right on the end. The old unit was making a racket on full lock turns and actually sounding like it was popping out. It was. My inner driver is completely fubar now. Not only does it have heavy scalping but the outside has been battered and bludgeoned by the tripod.

This car is a rescue I just picked up last month. I have searched and searched and can't seem to find the reason what the problem is.

What I know from my searches.
Inner Driver correct for the year of car
Tripod bearings on new and old shaft are correct OD

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