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valrune 11-14-2007 07:05 PM

Waiting for TD04
My to do list while I'm waiting for my NEW TDO4 Turbo to arrive is to drop the sump,PCV #6,heat control valve,t-stat and coolant, upgraded front air intake,sport transmission mount,clear fender blinkers, stupid upshift light elimination,and a fuel pump line retainer. Tonight I dropped the sump and it didn't look too bad, a little varnish and a very little bit of crap (not sludge) at the pickup area. Got that buttoned up and moved on the the PCV fix. When I pulled the oil filler out I noticed some MILKY BROWN SLUDGE and some in the hose from the turbo line. My high hopes came crashing down instantly . Then I noticed that the grommet at the valve cover was almost gone and I'm hoping that some moisture entered there and caused the sludge, but I also noticed the front (pulley) side of the engine has some oil on it so maybe a possible head gasket? What gets me is that the sump had NO SLUDGE at all! Could the bad turbo be the cause of the sludge? When I finnally get to do the turbo installation (GT17 to a TD04) I read that I need to change some copper seals and maybe some banjo bolts, are these Saab parts or an improvised part? Which line needs to be altered? Thanks for any and all help!

NahumCC 11-14-2007 07:09 PM

You'll need 2 M12x1.5 banjo bolts either from saab/local parts supplier that has them along with 4 1/2 inch copper drain washers. These will replace the coolant line banjo's on the turob center section.

soccerrplyr 11-30-2007 01:19 PM

where can you buy th bolts? I thought i bought them but what came in the mail today was not. They were for fuel pressure adapters

valrune 12-04-2007 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by soccerrplyr (Post 364401)
where can you buy th bolts? I thought i bought them but what came in the mail today was not. They were for fuel pressure adapters

I got two banjo bolts from the Saab dealership.On the TD04 they are all the same size, same as the small oil supply line on the gt17 and I used 4 x 1/2" copper oil drain plug washers to make them seal,(two per line at the turbo). I finally got the turbo and installed it and it runs great, just in time to park it for the snow that we are expecting:cry: !!!!!!!!!

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