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King of Saabovia 01-20-2017 07:30 AM

SRS light issue. New Member
Hello, all. This is a great forum. I'm a long time Saab fan, started with a 1985 900T, now have an '05 and '06 9-5.
Anyway, the SRS light on my '06 9-5 lit up a week ago. Also the horn stopped working and the steering wheel radio control is wonky- adjust volume up and it changes the audio source.
My (un)educated guess is the clockspring, but I'm looking for feedback before I spend $125 and pull the steering wheel.
And incidentally, this car has a Takata airbag on driver's side and has been recalled. I'm guessing the replacement will be available about....never.
Thanks for reading.

Saabeh 01-23-2017 06:26 AM

I have seen this issue when you use the wrong SID in the car, but that can't be your issue because it's a 2006. I know this sucks, but a Tech2 will tell you whats wrong or shorted right away.

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