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Ok guys, I am embarrassed to have to post this, but I need to be honest! So I bought this car, and it had been in a fender bender with a doe eyed little deer! So hood and lights smashed. Bend rad support and ruined rad and charge air cooler.
So after all is replaced and straight again the car ran like crap. But I never had it run correct prior due to the damage. All that said, car was skipping. People suggested a bad coolant temp sensor, due to a scan tool reading that was weird. Turned out my scan tool was the issue. After that, still skipping and all, it was suggested that the DI cassette was bad. I took it off and took cover off it. Found heat cracks in resin. So I assume this is it. Replaced it, still runs like crap. Next item I tried just by pure chance, unplug the MAF and see how it runs. Runs good without it. So I had a tranny cooler line leak that I needed to fix after a test drive. Car ran good but seemed kind of sluggish. I assume due to MAF unplugged. Put car on ramps to verify i have fixed ATF leak on cooler line, and what do I find??? I forgot to clamp the hose from the air cooler tot he engine so when it boosted it popped off easily. Hooked it up, plugged MAF back in, runs awesome and a lot of power. A lot more than before. Boost goes right up, sounds great!! So all of this headache was caused by a simple clamp I didn't tighten!!! I had double checked everything on top, never checked that 1 clamp that had to be done from the bottom. Lesson learned!!! Thank you all for your help!!!!
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