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Things you will notice:

1. the compression ratio on a turbo car is lower than that of the NA. So you're slower off the line from a standing start until the turbo kicks in.
The turbo starts to kick in around 2200 rpm.

2. the turbo works only under engine load. Try revving the engine in neutral to a high rpm and you'd hardly see the needle move. Do the same rpm under load and you'll see the difference.

3. Not flooring the pedal will only give you partial boost. To get full boost you have to keep the 'pedal to the metal'. Note that bunched-up carpet under the pedal *may* prevent you from reaching full boost...

4. There is a slight delay from the time you floor the pedal before the car reacts. This is because the exhaust gases spinning the turbine need to overcome the inertia of the turbine (turbo lag), then the turbine has to bring the boost up to where it should be (boost lag). After driving the car for a while, you'll learn to anticipate when to floor it..

Now go out and have fun learning...
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