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'01 9-5 running poorly,skipping etc

I got this car used, had hit a deer. Damage all ti hood, and right front. I replaced rad,inter-cooler,lights,grille,hood,etc.
So to fire it up when it is all together, runs terrible, skipping and smoking as if it is getting too much gas. Prior to putting things together it ran smoothly but surged, which I expected was due to the fact the air intake system had broken off the inter-cooler and there were some vacuum line issues. So once all fixed I expected a good runner. Not what I got. So engine code po1300, random misfire tells me little. With advice from others it seemed the DI cassette might be the culprit, and I removed and inspected it to find the resin inside that holds the electrics was cracked from heat, seemed like a logical thing to replace it. So I did and I get exactly the same result. Start the engine, runs smooth for a few seconds and then starts skipping, running rough, smoking a little black/gray smoke if you rev it up a bit(only a burst, once RPM is up no smoke), engine light flashing. So as my codes indicate basically nothing, I am thinking of replacing crank sensor next, not too tough or expensive to try. Anyone have any other suggestions? Oh , also, the car did have correct NGK's in it but I put a new set in and gapped them exact. It is getting air, I had pulled MAF off the air filter side to verify it is pulling good air, and it is, does the same thing when not hooked to filter housing. Could the MAF cause this? It was right in the impact zone. Doesn't look damaged?
Thanks all!
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