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Originally Posted by cecil510 View Post
I just picked up a 2010 9-5 Aero and I want to hardwire my V1. (I was pulled over within 4 hours of leaving the dealer).

It really don't feel like going through the fire wall to the fuse box. Has anyone wired any radar to the power going to the rear view mirror or any other switched power?

Thanks for the help.
For the radar detector to be wired to rear view you will need to find the hot and ground wires. if you have a multi meter you should be able to get it no problem. just tap the wires and your good. Otherwise maybe google the procedure for one of the 9-5's GM chassis siblings as I assume the wiring would be the same. just an assumption not fact.

IMO just took apart my step brothers Acura TL to hardwire v1 and remote display and although its kind of a pain. Modern dashes snap together and are easy to figure out how to undo. it'll be a 3 hour job but once its done your good to go

Note about 2 hours 45 taking and replacing panels and 15 min to feed wire lol
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