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chico ca, and please help away. PM me your number and maybe we can work together on this.

the donor car is a 1995 NG900 with a JZW stage 3+ on it.

little background on the project. im planning on building a rock crawling buggy using the B204 w/ transaxle mounted sideways behind the passenger compartment. i will weld the "diff" in the transaxle to create uniform output to each half shaft. the inner CV cup will be machined down to accept a drivline flange and then the drivelines will go out to each axle.

take a look at this build thread on a forum im on, it will be this basic set up, but with a much better engine and better axles

Project Lo-budget Pimpin - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum

so, i can make a tone ring and install one of the saab sensors to create a speed signal, but i dont know what would need to be done to make the ECU pin 39 accept the signal from that sensor. does that sensor already send out a nice square wave signal? or does the the sensor send out a sin wave to the abs computer, and then the abs manipulates that into a nice square wave. if its the later, then i would be better off with some aftermarket hall effect sensor correct?

i do want to have the OBD II port working, ill check out your thread in the c900 section.
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