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ive done this a ton, its basicly like t5ing a c900,,,, Use an ng900 harness, they are alot easier to work with

if you do use a 9k harness, its not to hard to deal with, you will just have a whole heep of + leads that go to DI, injectors, AIC valves, ect. they are all burly thick wires, so they are easy to spot in the grey plug.

also, the map sensor runs though the grey plug on a 9k harness, so make sure to connect that up!!

pin 39 is the input for the speed signal, most things on how it reads the speed signal is adjustable inside the ECU, Again, i have to do this all the time on c900s

as long as you can get ANY speed signal to read from the ecu, you can set up all the gear ratios to match in software.

its a pretty easy harness to make run, just feed + power to ECU pins 1,48, and a switched to 60, ground out 24 & 25, (done though ground lug on intake manifold) and the ECU will be live and waiting for a crank signal. lastly, think about hooking up an obd2 port, its two wires, and will make the setup alot easier to deal with because you can see everything with a generic tool

where are you out of? i may be able to help
Mike D

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