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Opinions on Viggen Vert project

So I am starting to work on Drew's old 2000 LB Viggen Vert. I was orignally going to scrounge parts and build a 235 with some old Wossners, T5 cams and whatever else I had hanging around.

ANyhoo, then I found an engine that had the short block replaced under the sludge warranty that only has 2000 miles on it. I am tempted just to swap as is ( but rebuild the turbo that has 100K on it) Suince its so light on the miles the engine will need no machine work excpet to swap out pistons and I am not sure its worth the added expense to pull it apart to balance (i think)

Since the motor is out will take a look at the clutch and change easy to reach sensors and other parts, but is it worth busting into the block to swap out teh pistons, or should I just maybe add the cams, rebuild to a 18t or 19t turbo and keep the build just under 300 HP? Remember its a lightning blue vert, kinda rare.

I am tryig to pull the trigger soon on whether to send it off the machine shop or not.
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