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Originally Posted by KPAero View Post
I'd say your right about that shock staying put. The material that the shock bolts through, and the small pieces that continue up and down from there at a 90 are 3/16", and the rest is 16 gauge, should be plenty sturdy.

Here is a picture from Swedish Car Day 12':

The front fender rust only shows through on the drivers side. The rest of the car still looks pretty good when its all cleaned up.
Very Nice. I love when they are simple and nostalgic! My vert has tupperware and it is a daily struggle not to rip them off and sell em. Something about the C900 is so pure without the claddinig.

When i first got back into thee cars I was all about tupperware. I have a set on my vert and a set sitting in the garage and truthfully I wanna sell both sets.

Very nice example a pure 900... Sweet!
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