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Originally Posted by Saabeh View Post
The turbo v6 in the 9-5!
right right.

Originally Posted by mike saunders View Post
Agree that they're best used as daily drivers but it's likely that the ones still on the road are survivors of all the issues that plagued them from 94-98. If it's still running, it probably will for a long time with enough TLC. The timing belt tensioner assembly and pulley are still worth watching...

I'm not a fan of the older V6, but remember that our beloved 4-banger is a modified Triumph engine
Good points, I mean, I still think the OP would be better off sourcing out a cheap NG 2.0t to modify or swap engines if they want. I just don't see it as worth the trouble to modify the old v6... unless you are trying to prove something I suppose.
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