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Originally Posted by srp View Post
Yes, they are side specific. If they were in wrong... You'd know.

Worst came to worst, you can remove them without removing the lip.
Just remove the under tray and carefully push the socket through the seam.
I do that whenever I need to change a bulb.
Thanks SRP, I feel better.

Originally Posted by Saabeh View Post
Haha that looks sick!

Have you had your car on a dyno?
I'm calling around local now to get her on the dyno. Trying to find someone with a Dynojet dyno. Alot around here have "Dyno Dynamics" Dyno's.Not sure what they are like

Originally Posted by 2legit2quit View Post
Psh you sell bumpers that come like that. It looks sick.
I could start a biz on the side
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