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Busted turbo is out. Either the previous owner disconnected the oil feed line or the last guy who worked on it didn't hook it up cuz it was not even connected to the crankcase. Would be a bad case of oil starvation.

Haven't been able to locate any later model TD04 compressor housing from any used saab garages in the area. Tried an auto wrecker also had nothing.

Now I've assesed the 2 turbo's side by side and it looks like the core of the turbo on the TD04 is not in the same position as the GT17.... It's about 60 degrees out. Took off the ctr clamp and tried to move it but the core is seized onto the exhaust turbine housing.

Without being able to get both those issues rectified, looks like i need a whole other turbo... any that will fit the 9-5 used or refurb and the least expensive option at the moment seems to be the rebuilt GT17 from eeuroparts @ $607....

Any suggestions?
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